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It’s extremely inconvenient to deal with an Xbox One that beeps but won’t turn on. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem that many people face at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true solutions you can try.

If your Xbox One does not turn on but beeps, unplug it from the power source, wait 15 seconds, and then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds (while the console is still unplugged). Reconnect your Xbox, then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Xbox One booting issues are pretty common, and some can be fixed quickly by following a few simple steps. The “Xbox One won’t turn on, but Beeps” issue can also be fixed if there is no hardware fault. Make sure you read this guide till the end and try all the solutions we have included.

What to Do if Your Xbox One Wont Turn On?
What to Do if Your Xbox One Wont Turn On?

There have been numerous reports of “Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps.” This is a very common problem with numerous causes and factors contributing to it. Most of these issues have workarounds that you can try out for yourself, as long as there is no hardware malfunction.

In this article, we’ll look at the causes of the problem as well as possible solutions. Make sure to thoroughly read this article and try all of the methods listed for xbox one won’t turn on but makes noise.


Is there another problem with the Xbox One? You may have assumed that we are experts on Microsoft’s gaming console or something. We won’t deny that we are, but there are some serious people out there who work solely on Xbox issues. Do you want to know why? Because the Xbox One is a troublemaker in and of itself.

Members of our team have had enough of the Xbox One and have either retired from gaming consoles or switched to Sony or Nintendo, for obvious reasons. No, we are not endorsing any brand here; we are simply informing you of the harsh reality that no one will tell you so directly on the entire internet.

But first, let’s address the main issue: since you already own an Xbox and have no control over it, the least we can do is resolve this issue for you.

So, in order to counter and win the issue where the Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps, you must first understand why this is happening, and once you do, you will be able to counter it in no time. Without further ado, let us embark on our reason-finding journey, and we will provide you with the ideal counter-argument in the same paragraph.


There are two situations about the Xbox One beeps but won’t turn on issue.

  • The Xbox One will beep when you press the Power button, but it will not turn on. The console will then turn on if you press the button again.
  • After pressing the Power button, the Xbox One does not turn on. Even after pressing the button a second time, it still does not turn on.

The first condition is a common occurrence, and your Xbox One is most likely in a power state. The second condition is disastrous, and you may need to repair or replace the Xbox One.

To resolve the Xbox One not turning on issue when it beeps, power cycle your Xbox, repeatedly press the eject button, check your power cable, or unplug your Xbox for 10 seconds. Click here to get the specific steps.

All of the frequently encountered Xbox One won’t turn on issues and solutions are discussed. Simply select the solutions that correspond to your actual demand. If your Xbox One won’t turn on at all, try the following methods one at a time until your console boots normally.

  • Check the Controller: If you tried and failed to press the Xbox button on the controller, try pressing the Power button on the console instead. If this works, replace the controller’s battery. Turn off the Xbox One, then try to turn it back on using the controller. If this doesn’t work, connect the controller to the console using a USB cable and try again. If all of these operations continue to fail, replace the controller.
  • Check the Power Cord: Ensure that the power cord is securely seated in the console and plugged into the outlet. If you’ve plugged in the power strip, make sure the power strip’s power switch is set to “on” and the power strip is still turned on. If a power outlet on the power strip is damaged, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
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When there is a problem with the controller or power cord, the Xbox One will not turn on. So, if your Xbox One isn’t turning on, check them first.

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Xbox One Not Turning On But Makes Noise



A soft reset, power cycle, or a combination of the two is the simplest and most common solution for an Xbox One that beeps but won’t turn on. Make sure to perform the soft reset first, as this will completely drain your console’s stored power.

1. Soft reset

To release built-up power from the internal components, try a soft reset on your console. This will have no effect on your saved games or apps, so you won’t have to re-download or re-install anything.

To soft reset your Xbox One:

  1. Unplug the console’s power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Wait 15 seconds. Press the power button once or twice while the console is unplugged. This action will discharge any extra built-up power conserved in the console’s capacitors.
  3. Plug the console’s power cord back into the wall outlet.
  4. Turn the unit back on by pressing the power button and see if your issue has been fixed.

2. Power cycle

If the soft reset did not work, perform a power cycle. Once again, this process will have no effect on your games or other apps.

To restart your Xbox One, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds while your Xbox is turned off.
  2. The power brick’s indicator light will eventually flicker from orange to white.
  3. Your Xbox has entered standby mode when the indicator light turns solid orange.
  4. To bring your Xbox out of standby mode, press the power button once more.


If the previous soft reset and power cycle options did not work for you, you can try some other reset options by pressing various button combinations directly on the console.

The internal software is most likely stuck in a loop that needs to be broken. Certain buttons can assist in accomplishing this and restoring your console’s functionality.

1. Three-button hold

This solution necessitates the simultaneous pressing of three buttons and is typically used to assist in resetting the internal software to break a continuous loop. It can be used frequently if you run into problems, and it has no effect on your saved games or apps.

  1. Hold down the Power, Eject, and Sync buttons at the same time.
  2. Hold the buttons down steadily for 10 seconds.
  3. After 10 seconds, press and hold the Eject button.
  4. Hold the Power and Sync buttons for another 15 seconds.
  5. After 15 seconds, press and hold the Power and Sync buttons together for 15 seconds.
  6. To turn on the console, press and hold the Power and Sync buttons a second time until it powers on and the sync process begins on screen.
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Troubleshoot Xbox One Wont Turn On But Beeps
Troubleshoot Xbox One Wont Turn On But Beeps

2. Eject button tapping

This solution has become a popular solution on various Xbox public forums. It may appear strange, but it has assisted in resetting the internal software and getting the Xbox back on track for a large number of people.

  • Simply press the Eject button ten times in a row.

When attempting this option, you do not need to have a disc in the tray. The goal is to force the software to concentrate on a new task, such as ejecting the disc tray.

You could try simply inserting a new disc. This may be sufficient to break the software loop and redirect the components’ attention to a new task, which is reading the disc you just inserted.


There could be several reasons why your Xbox One is not turning on but is beeping. Each problem has a unique solution, and some are much easier and less expensive than others.

1. Overheating

Because of overheating, your Xbox console may be beeping and not turning on. This is a common problem if you leave your console on the majority of the time or if ventilation is obstructed by dust. If the Xbox has been on for a long time, turning it off for 30 minutes or longer will allow the internal components and power brick to cool down.

This brief break will allow the unit’s temperature to drop, preventing future problems. If dust has clogged the vents on the console, you can use compressed air or a gentle brush to dislodge and remove the dust buildup.

This will allow more airflow and help prevent future overheating. Overheating in a console is dangerous, and it could be the cause of your Xbox not booting properly. Unplugging the Xbox and waiting 30 minutes before turning it back on is a simple fix.

A common issue for overheating is improper ventilation into the Xbox. To make sure that your ventilation is OK, make sure your fans are clean and your vents are not clogged. Use a can of compressed air to unclog them (make sure you do not blow dust into the internal components of your Xbox.

2. Power brick and cable issue

Because of a faulty power supply, your Xbox may be beeping but not turning on. This could be the power cord or the power brick. Over time, the console’s power draw may put strain on an aging power brick, causing the console to beep but not receive enough power to fully turn on.

Normally, replacing the cable and power brick is your best bet in this situation. Fortunately, you can find a variety of aftermarket Xbox power supplies on Amazon or directly from Xbox. You can replace both the cable and the brick at the same time, or you can replace one before moving on to the other.

3. Faulty internal PSU

If the problem was not caused by the cable’s or power brick’s external power supply, the internal power supply unit could be to blame. This built-in component is an important part of the console, but it can overheat and become faulty at times.

While this component can be replaced, it is an expensive repair that must be performed by an experienced technician. In most cases, it is more cost effective to purchase a different console instead of an older Xbox model.

Fix Xbox One Wont Turn On But Beeps Issue
Fix Xbox One Wont Turn On But Beeps Issue

4. Moisture on motherboard

Moisture and electronic devices should never be combined. Internal Xbox components, such as the motherboard, may accumulate moisture due to a problem with the internal liquid cooling system or condensation due to temperature changes.

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This occurs if the Xbox is turned on after being stored in a cold room, or if the room in which the console is used is unusually humid. Moisture on a motherboard, regardless of how it occurred, can cause a variety of problems ranging from a complete failure to turn on to beeping but not turning on. Moisture on a motherboard can also cause sparking and short circuits if it is severe enough.

There are a variety of ways to help dry out your console including:

  • Turn the console at an angle and let the moisture drip out
  • Use a hairdryer on the coolest setting to blow the internal components dry
  • Let the Xbox sit for 2-3 days to allow it to naturally dry out on its own
  • Use a dehumidifier in the room to remove moisture from the air and console

Conclusion on Xbox One Wont Turn On But Beeps

If you’re having trouble getting your Xbox One to turn on, try the troubleshooting solutions listed above before contacting a professional repair or replacement service. The first thing you should do is perform a soft reset and/or a power cycle. Both of these have a good chance of working to get your Xbox to fully power up.

The next most straightforward option is to reset the internal software by briefly pressing and holding certain console buttons. You may have to try a few different options before you find one that works for you. I’ve listed all of the tried-and-true solutions that are usually effective in resolving the “Xbox One S won’t turn on but beeps” problem.

If none of the fixes work, it’s time to upgrade your Xbox. We hope that this article has assisted you in resolving your xbox one won’t turn on issues and that you can now turn it on normally. If none of the above solutions work, you may need to consult an expert. You should not attempt to open any of the components yourself because you could damage the Xbox.

If that doesn’t work, try replacing the power brick, cleaning out the ventilation grate to ensure proper cooling, and inspecting the motherboard for moisture. If none of the solutions listed here work for you, your only option may be to repair or replace the console itself. What steps did you take to repair your Xbox One? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Xbox One Won't Turn On
Xbox One Won’t Turn On

FAQs About Xbox One Turn On Issue

Why is my Xbox one beeping?

It could be a problem with the Instant On feature. Please disable the Instant On feature and check to see if the beeping continues. It may need to be serviced; to get started, simply follow the steps outlined here. It appears that the internal hard drive is on its way out.

How can I tell if my Xbox One power brick is faulty?

To indicate that they are receiving electrical current, all Xbox One power bricks have a light on them. The power supply is operational if you see a solid white or solid orange light. It must be replaced if there is no light or if it flickers.

Is there a reset button on Xbox One?

Restart your console. Follow these steps to reset your console to factory default settings: Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info

How do I reset my Xbox One if it doesn’t have a screen?

These extra steps are only required if the settings on your Xbox One are inaccessible. If not, a factory reset is a simple procedure. Simply press the Xbox button, navigate to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console info > Reset console, and then press the Reset console button. You can now choose whether to keep your data and apps or to completely reset your device.

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