• Digital camera control using Arduino USB Host Shield
    Digital camera control using Arduino USB Host Shield. Part 1 – basics. By Oleg Mazurov I’m starting new series of articles describing exciting field of digital camera control. In modern cameras, USB port can be used not only for transferring images to a PC, but also for sending control commands to the camera. It is…
  • TPS61200 board modifications
    TPS61200 board modifications. Part 1 – changing undervoltage lockout By Oleg Mazurov Best USB Host In August of last year, I wrote an article describing a design based on Texas Instrument’s TPS61200 low input boost converter. Soon after that, Sparkfun expressed interest in producing and selling this design. In just six short months, a LiPower has become available from Sparkfun store….
  • Best Way To Extend Wi-Fi Outside [7 Easy Ways to Extend Wi-Fi Outside]
    Do you believe you need to be a network administrator to extend the WiFi range? Consider again!    When your WiFi connection is functioning right, you don’t think about it, but when it isn’t, the slow speeds, dropped connections, and hot spots can drive you insane, capable of doing anything because you’ve spent whatever it…
  • How To Get Internet On Tablet Without Wi-Fi? [6 Easy Techniques That You Can Do]
    Thanks to wireless connections, we can now work and communicate while on the move. Despite this, we’ve all been victims of the dreaded “no wifi” errors. It’s impossible to predict when gadgets will drive out of wi-fi signals or lose connection. Regardless, numerous tablet users are wary of trying to rely on other internet connections…

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