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USB Host Shield is an inexpensive ( $25 for the full-sized board and $20 for the Mini variant ) development board designed to be used in embedded applications which require USB Host functionality. The board supports USB 2.0 full/low speed operation. Primary target platform is Arduino, however, it can also be used with any other micro equipped with SPI interface.

Examples of USB Host Shield

USB Host Shield 2.0USB Host Shield 2.0
USB Host MiniUSB Host Mini
USB Host Shield r.1.2USB Host Shield r.1.2

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Best Arduino USB Host Shield Projects Information

This is a summary page for USB Host Shield project that I started in the spring of 2009. The initial goal of the project was to develop Arduino code supporting USB Host controller in order to communicate with USB peripherals, such as keyboards, joysticks and cameras.

This goal has been achieved. The shield exists in configurations compatible with 5V and 3.3V Arduino boards. Current revision of the library (r2.0) supports MAX3421E host controllers, general USB functionality, enumeration of up to 44 devices with USB hub support, and MAX3421 GPIO pins access. The following device classes are currently supported: A Netflix Fix

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  • human input device (HID)
  • USB to serial converters, including CDC ACM, Prolific PL2303 and FTDI FT232
  • Google ADK v.1
  • PTP with Canon EOS and Powershot extensions, as well as Nikon DSLR cameras
  • Bluetooth RFCOMM and HID (Sony PS3. Nintendo)
  • Xbox360 controller over wired USB as well as via a wirelss receiver
  • Mass Storage Class – USB flash drives, memory card readers, external hard drives/CD-ROMs, smartphones, etc.
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Future plans include development drivers for communication devices like WiFi and cell phones and support for other USB Host controllers.

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