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How To Fix Left JoyCon Not Charging? There’s no need to panic if you notice your Switch Joycon isn’t charging. It could be a minor issue that only necessitates some patience. When completely depleted, the Switch Joycon will take some time to turn on.

Simply wait a few minutes to see if it comes on. If it doesn’t, you can try the solutions in this article. Meanwhile, you should avoid completely draining the battery, as this will make charging the device more difficult.

There are several ways to troubleshoot Switch Joycon not charging, all of which are detailed in this article. Some fixes are free of charge, while others will cost you money.

How To Fix Left JoyCon Not Charging?
How To Fix Left JoyCon Not Charging?


To repair a non-charging left JoyCon, navigate to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Disconnect Controllers. Hold down the “X” button until both controllers are disconnected. Then, turn off your Nintendo Switch completely, then turn it back on and reconnect your JoyCons.

The issue is resolved! More often than not, the left JoyCon stops working because it has lost connection with your Switch and must be reestablished.


Here are some more detailed instructions for disconnecting your Nintendo Switch controllers. Go to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Disconnect Controllers while both JoyCons are plugged into your Switch.

Then, on the right JoyCon, press and hold the “X” button until all controllers are disconnected. Remove both the left and right JoyCons from your Switch by clicking OK. Press and hold the power button on your Switch to turn it off.

Do not simply put your Switch into sleep mode; instead, turn it completely off. Wait about 60 seconds before turning your Switch back on. Reconnect your JoyCons once the Switch has been restarted. They should reconnect automatically!

If your left JoyCon is still having problems, try removing both JoyCons from the Switch and then going to Controllers > Change Grip/Order.

Then, on the left and right JoyCons, press the small black button until you see green lights flashing up and down. This means the JoyCons are ready to pair. Reconnect both JoyCons, and your problem should be fixed.



Simply updating the firmware will confirm that your Nintendo Switch issues are not the result of a software glitch. Go to System Settings>System>System Update to do so. Once updated, check to see if the Switch Joycon can charge.

If it works, you should always keep your system up to date with the most recent software. If not, you can proceed to other fixes. Instead of just the Nintendo firmware, you can also update the controller firmware.

To update the Nintendo Switch controller firmware:

  • The Nintendo Switch console should be paired with the Joy-con controllers
  • The console must be connected to the internet
  • The Nintendo console system should have the option to update the Joy-con controller.

To update the controllers:

  • Go to the Nintendo Home screen.
  • Select System Settings from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Controllers and Sensors from the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down and select Update Controllers from the right panel of the screen. To perform the software update, the Switch will scan both the right and left Joy-con.
  • The controllers should be updated within a few minutes, and the message “Update complete” should appear on the screen.

Alternative Video: Fix Nintendo Switch JoyCons Not Charging

Fix Nintendo Switch JoyCons Not Charging


Disconnect the charging cable from the charging dock or Joycon charging grip to ensure that it is functional. If you’re using an AC adapter, disconnect it from the power outlet and the dock for a few seconds before plugging it back in.

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If none of these work, inspect the cable, AC adapter, and all other hardware for damage. If you’ve ever dropped your console or controllers, there’s a chance that some internal damage has prevented them from charging.

To get the system charging again, you may need to purchase new chargers and charging cables. If you suspect that the chargers are faulty. Simply replace the charger to confirm your suspicions. You can try a different AC adapter, cable, or a different console.

You could also change the charging grip on your Joy-con. This should help you narrow down the source of the problem. It’s possible that one or more of the charging systems is faulty and needs to be replaced.


If none of these fixes work, you could try re-syncing the controller. This is a straightforward solution that works in some situations. It simply means that all of the affecting controllers must be reset. To do so, press the SYNC button on the controller once.

The controller will be disconnected from the console as a result of this action. This should resolve any network issues, software glitches, or bugs that are preventing the controller from charging. After you’ve disconnected the controllers, you can proceed to pair them. To accomplish this,

  • Navigate to your Nintendo Switch’s Home screen.
  • Controllers should be chosen.
  • Choose Change Grip and Order.
  • To sync it again, press and hold the SYNC button on the controller.


If disconnecting your controllers and rebooting your Switch did not resolve your issue, you may have a dust or debris issue. You’ll need a clean Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol to fix this. You may also want to use scissors to trim the tip of the Q-tip to make it smaller and more precise.

Before you begin, make sure your Switch is completely turned off. Don’t simply put it to sleep! Pour some isopropyl alcohol onto a Q-tip and clean both the left side of the left JoyCon as well as the left side of the Switch itself while the Switch is turned off.

The key here is to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Make certain that every possible connection is thoroughly cleaned. Then, allow everything to dry. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the faster it dries. Connect the JoyCons to your Switch and turn it on. You should be able to resume operations soon.


If the isopropyl alcohol didn’t do the trick, you should try blasting the JoyCons and your Switch with compressed air. First, get yourself a bottle of compressed air, and then turn off your Switch completely.

Then, in the same order that you cleaned the previous step, blast air into all of the same nook and cranny connections. Concentrate on changing angles and getting into the difficult-to-reach areas on the Switch’s and JoyCons’ sides.

If the JoyCons or Switch get cold or appear frosty, that’s ok. They will quickly return to normal. Power the Switch back on and reconnect the JoyCon controllers. Hopefully your issue is solved!

Troubleshoot JoyCon Charging Common Issues
Troubleshoot JoyCon Charging Common Issues


Before attempting this next fix, keep in mind that opening up the JoyCon controller, or Switch for that matter, risks voiding any existing warranty. If you’re okay with that, you can move on to the next possible solution.

A Tri-point Y00 screwdriver, a Phillips 00 screwdriver, opening picks, a spudger, and conductive foam are required for this repair. To begin, unscrew the four screws on the back of the JoyCon case. Next, carefully slide a pick along the controller’s side to pry it open.

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Take care, as there are some delicate cables inside. Next, disconnect the battery and use the pick to completely remove it. Remove the three additional screws that have now become visible and carefully lift off the casing.

Reassemble the controller after placing a small piece of conductive foam over the antenna on the top right of the JoyCon. Next, disconnect the battery and use the pick to completely remove it. Remove the three additional screws that have now become visible and carefully lift off the casing.

Reassemble the controller after placing a small piece of conductive foam over the antenna on the top right of the JoyCon. If you get confused, here’s a great video that walks you through the exact steps to take:


If you’ve gotten this far and your left JoyCon is still not charging, you should consider purchasing a new charging dock for your JoyCons. Many users have reported that this solved their problem when nothing else did.

And, to be honest, it’s still a better option than purchasing new controllers or even a new Switch. If you want to give it a shot, you can get the Nintendo charging dock from Amazon right here.

For whatever reason this charging dock was able to successfully charge the left JoyCon for most folks. Then, by pressing and holding the small black button on the side of the controller, it can be re-paired to the Switch.  


If all else fails, check to see if you have a warranty or if you purchased insurance for your Nintendo Switch or JoyCons.

In some cases, you may be able to send it in for repair or even receive a brand-new device. To get more information, call Nintendo’s Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-255-3700 or visit their support website.


1. Poor connection between the switch Joycon and the Console

The Switch Joycon must be properly connected to the console in order to charge. Check to see if the Joycon is loose when connected to the sides of the Nintendo Switch.

For the controller to charge, the metallic contacts on the sides of the console and the controller must be properly connected. All you have to do is move the controller in a different direction while it is connected to the console. This should re-charge the controller.

Left JoyCon Not Charging
Left JoyCon Not Charging

2. Water Damage

Unfortunately, the Switch Joycon is not water-resistant, so dropping it into a bowl of water or exposing it to liquid or moisture may cause problems. If your Joycon gets wet, turn it off immediately and make sure the system completely shuts down.

To avoid serious hardware malfunction, let them air dry for a few minutes. If you’re lucky and the water didn’t seep inside, the device should still function normally without the need for repairs.

3. Software Issues

While most Switch Joycon issues are related to the hardware, a firmware glitch could also cause the charging problem. This could be due to corrupted or outdated firmware. The solution is to update the firmware version of the Switch Joycon to see if it helps.

4. Faulty Charger or Cable

The most noticeable and most common cause of the “Switch Joycon not charging” problem is a faulty AC adapter or cable. You should test a new adapter or cable to see if it gets the controller charging again.


Yes, the Nintendo Switch controllers can be updated. Aside from keeping your console up to date, making sure the joy-cons are updated is critical to ensuring they continue to work.

A joy-con update will assist in resolving the issue of your Nintendo Switch controllers not charging. Updating your Nintendo joy-cons is similar to updating your Switch, and it can be done in a few simple steps.

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How to Update Nintendo Switch Controllers:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Home’ menu.
  2. Select ‘System Settings.’
  3. Select ‘Controllers and Sensors.’
  4. Click ‘Update Controllers’ on the right side of the screen.

If an update is available, your Nintendo Switch will now check both joy-cons. When the most recent version has been downloaded, you will see the message ‘Update Complete’ on your screen.


The ‘battery charging’ icon will appear in the top left corner of your screen when your Nintendo Switch controllers are charging. If you charge your Switch when the battery level is nearly at zero, this indicator will appear for a brief moment on a blank screen.

When you access the ‘Controllers’ menu from your Home screen, you’ll also know your Nintendo Switch joy-cons are charging.

The battery percentage of your controllers as well as your Switch will be displayed here. Your Nintendo Switch controllers should not need to be replaced on a regular basis. If your joy-cons continue to have low-battery warnings, there could be a problem with the internal hardware.

Bear in mind;

  • Nintendo controllers will take approximately three and a half hours to fully charge.
  • The joy-cons will last about 20 hours on a full charge, depending on how frequently you use them.
  • Various applications on your Switch will consume varying amounts of power.

If your Nintendo screen won’t turn on because of a depleted battery, allow your Switch to charge for around twenty minutes before you turn it back on.

CONCLUSION on Left JoyCon Not Charging?

You’re not alone if your left JoyCon isn’t charging. The Nintendo Switch is notorious for having this problem. The most common solution is to disconnect your JoyCons from your Switch, power cycle it, and then reconnect your controllers.

If that doesn’t work, use isopropyl alcohol and compressed air to clean the JoyCon and Switch connection sites. Make sure to get into all of the difficult-to-reach places! This should remove any debris or dust that is causing you problems.

If none of that works you can try opening up the left JoyCon and adding a piece of conductive foam over the antenna. If all else fails, see if you have a warranty or insurance coverage to get a new device.

Troubleshoot JoyCon Charging Issues
Troubleshoot JoyCon Charging Issues

FAQs About Left JoyCon Not Charging

Why is my left Joy-Con not working?

Check that the Joy-Con has the most recent controller firmware installed. Remove any skins or covers from the faulty Joy-Con, and calibrate the control sticks.

How do you re-energize a dead Joy-Con?

When users connect their Joy-Con to a dead Switch, no power is available to charge the controllers. As a result, the best way to keep the Joy-Con charged is to leave them on the Switch while it’s charging in its dock or charging via the USB-C cable included in the box.

Why is my Joy-Con not fully charging?

If the Joy-battery Con’s charge is nearly full, it is normal for the Joy-Con to stop charging and the recharge LED to turn off. The Joy-Con Charging Grip will need to be replaced if the battery charge is not nearly full and the recharge LED on the Charging Grip is not lit.

Is there a fee for Joy-Con repairs?

If you own a Nintendo Switch and have experienced “drifting” issues with the company’s Joy-Con controllers, you may be able to have your controller(s) repaired completely free of charge by Nintendo!

Is it okay to leave Switch in sleep mode?

It’s a good idea to turn off a Nintendo Switch console when you’re not using it, just like you would any other electronic device. This allows the hardware to rest, resets any potentially faulty software, and allows the batteries to charge more quickly. If you just want to relax, the Switch’s Sleep Mode is a better option.

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