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Apple Air Tags are quickly becoming a popular way for Apple product owners to keep track of items they frequently misplace or lose, such as their keys, wallet, and purse. People are also using them to track their children if they do not want to buy a phone for their children.

However, how long do the Apple AirTag batteries life last with all of this tracking?

Apple Air Tag batteries have a one-year lifespan and cannot be recharged; in fact, there is no way to charge the battery. Several factors can either increase or decrease the year-long battery life.

If your Apple Air Tag dies, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you still have a functional Apple Air Tag. Knowing how long an Apple Air Tag battery lasts is critical in your daily life if you rely on one to help you find your belongings.

It would be terrible to rely on your Air Tag only to find out that its batteries had died while you were looking for something.

How Long Do Apple AirTag Batteries Life Last?
How Long Do Apple AirTag Batteries Life Last?


Apple Air Tags are an excellent way to keep track of everything from keys to umbrellas to bicycles. They’re very easy to use and can connect multiple Air Tags to the same Find My app, making it difficult to keep track of the battery life on multiple Air Tags.

It’s even easier to keep track of the Apple Air Tag battery life than it is to use it. To find out how much battery life is left on the Air Tag, open the Find My app on your phone and select the Air Tag you want to check the battery life on.

Once that is selected, a battery icon will appear to display the battery level. You should probably look for a replacement battery when the Apple Air Tag is about 25% charged. Because the battery icon does not provide an exact percentage, you must estimate the battery’s remaining percentage.


Apple Air Tags work with your phone’s Find My app to help you locate the objects to which they are attached.

You can track your Air Tags from multiple locations, and depending on the iPhone you have, you can have absolute precision when looking for an object, such as telling you if you’re getting closer or further away from an object in a room.

Apple Air Tags are designed to be energy efficient, so looking for something on a regular basis won’t deplete the battery life of the Air Tag or your iPhone. Another advantage is that you won’t have to worry about your phone’s data usage because it works via Bluetooth.

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According to Apple, there are several factors that affect the battery life of Apple AirTags

1. Usage

If you use it frequently, the chances of your battery draining quickly increase. In that case, your battery will not last more than a year.

2. Environmental Factors

According to Apple, AirTags should be used in temperatures ranging from 20° to 60° C (4° to 140° F). If you use the AirTags in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures, your battery will drain quickly, and in some extreme cases, the device may even turn off.

3. Replacement Battery Manufacturer

AirTags use CR2032 batteries, and the life cycle of these batteries is determined by the manufacturer. However, Apple advises customers not to use bitterant batteries because they will not work with the AirTags.

Furthermore, AirTags have a one-year life expectancy based on four sound uses and one precision-finding event per day. If you exceed the recommended usage limit, the battery will drain faster.

What Are The Factors That Affect AirTag Battery Life?
What Are The Factors That Affect AirTag Battery Life?



Several factors, according to Apple, can reduce the battery life of an Apple Air Tag. These are some examples:

  • Usage
  • Environmental factors
  • Manufacturer of replacement batteries

The one-year battery life expectancy is based on four sound uses and one precision-finding event per day. If you use your Apple Air Tag more frequently than this, the battery will drain faster than if you use it less frequently.


If your Apple Air Tag has been in use for a while, it will do a few things to indicate that the battery is dying. The first thing you’ll notice is that the battery icon in the Find My app will below when you check the battery.

Your iPhone will also send you an alert if the battery in your Air Tag is running low. Although you cannot see the exact percentage, this indicator is far more useful than Apple’s rough estimate of one year, which varies from user to user.

It’s worth noting that if you frequently play sounds on your AirTags, the battery will drain much faster. The AirTags are powered by CR2032 batteries, which are not proprietary. As a result, you won’t have to worry about taking it to the Apple Store and paying a premium to have it replaced.

These are standard 3-Volt lithium coin cell batteries, which you should be able to find at any electronics store. AirTags include a battery, so if you buy a pack of them, each AirTag should last about a year right out of the box.

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Your iPhone might alert you with a notification stating the battery is about to be dead. Check the battery percentage on your Find My app to see if the AirTags batteries are low. Open the Find My app on your device and select the ArTag whose battery percentage you want to check, then look for the battery icon just below its name.

You can keep track of your AirTag batteries by adding ‘Replace AirTag battery’ to your To-Do app, which will remind you to replace the battery when it’s low and will also remind you to check the battery levels. Set the task to recur every 11 months after you set the reminder so you don’t forget to replace the batteries.


Even though Apple Air Tags are extremely efficient with their battery usage and have a long battery life, the battery will eventually die.

There is no need or way to charge the Apple Air Tag battery if and when it dies. You must either replace the battery or purchase a new Air Tag. Because replacing the battery is a simple process that many people can perform, it is unnecessary to discard your old Apple Air Tag and purchase a new one.

Apple AirTag Battery Life
Apple AirTag Battery Life


According to Apple, the AirTag battery will last about a year. When that time comes, changing the battery is a breeze. AirTag is powered by a CR2032 battery, which is commonly found in remote controls and other useful devices.

They are available in most battery stores and cost a couple of dollars each. Update 7/28/21: According to an Apple support document, CR2032 batteries with bitterant coating may not work with AirTag.

Examine the battery packaging before purchasing. (With thanks to The Loop.) It may appear difficult to replace your Apple Air Tag battery when the time comes. However, this is a very quick and simple process that can usually be completed in less than a minute.

First and foremost, you will require the proper battery. A CR2032 lithium 3V battery is required for the Apple Air Tag. These are available online as well as in many hardware stores and pharmacies. Simply follow these steps once you’ve received your replacement battery:

  1. Remove the battery case from your Apple Air Tag. Press down on the battery cover and turn it counterclockwise until it stops turning.
  2. Remove the cover, followed by the old battery.
  3. Insert the replacement battery carefully, with the positive (+) sign facing up.
  4. Replace the cover and ensure that it is securely fastened by turning it clockwise until it stops.
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How Long Do Apple AirTag Batteries Life Last?

CONCLUSION: How Long Do Apple AirTag Batteries Life Last?

Apple Air Tags are a low-cost way to keep track of many of the belongings that you frequently misplace during the day.

They have a battery life of a year and are designed to use energy efficiently. Furthermore, in keeping with Apple’s user-friendliness theme, their batteries are simple and inexpensive to replace when they die.

These CR2032 batteries are regular 3-volt lithium coin cell batteries that you can find in any electronic store. If you have a habit of playing sounds on your AirTag, your battery will likely drain faster. If the AirTags need to be reset, they will notify you with a small chime.

Certain AirTags, such as the ones you put on your keyring, must be activated immediately, whereas others, such as the ones you put on your luggage, must be activated later. AirTags are an inexpensive way to keep track of your belongings, and the batteries are also inexpensive and easily accessible.

FAQs About Apple AirTag Batteries Life

Can AirTag battery be replaced?

Your AirTag’s battery can be replaced. This is how. AirTag, the battery cover, and the battery may pose a choking hazard to small children or cause another injury. Keep these items out of reach of small children.

How far can AirTag travel?

Tiles have more form factors than AirTags, and you can summon your phone from the Tile and vice versa. However, their range is limited to about 30 feet, whereas AirTags’ range is functionally infinite as long as someone with an iPhone is nearby.

How accurate is AirTag?

We tested it on multiple floors in the latter, and while it took longer to find an item, Precision Finding still came to the rescue. And as you get closer to the AirTag, the locations become increasingly precise. Outside, you’ll get turn-by-turn directions once you’re within 20 to 30 feet.

Is AirTag superior to tile?

We were able to find lost items much faster with the AirTag than with any of the Tile models in testing. The Tile Pro took about an hour to locate a lost item, whereas the AirTag took only a minute.

Can AirTag ring your phone?

You can use your Tile to locate your phone even when it is in silent mode! First, ensure that your phone’s Tile app is running in the background and that your phone is within range of your Tiles. Then, quickly press the Tile button twice to make your phone ring.

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