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How To Stop YouTube From Pausing? I’m sure most YouTubers have had a headache when YouTube repeatedly pauses and displays the message “Video paused. Continue watching?” after being idle or playing a music playlist in the background.

It’s inconvenient that you have to click “YES” to continue with the playback. If you’re still experiencing this issue, here’s a workaround that allows you to disable YouTube auto-pause and enjoy uninterrupted playback.

Stop YouTube From Pausing
Stop YouTube From Pausing

So, How To Stop YouTube From Pausing?

Downloading AutoTube or YouTube Auto Pause Blocker is the best way to prevent YouTube from pausing. YouTube has an Auto-Pause feature that detects inactivity and pauses your content if you are inactive for an extended period of time. These browser extensions prevent this by making you appear to be engaged in the page’s content.


YouTube’s main goal is to make money, which they do by selling advertisements. However, if your site does not provide a good user experience, it will be difficult to sell advertisements. That is why YouTube works hard to develop features that make watching “enjoyable.”

One of these features is “Auto Pause,” which stops video playback if you’ve been inactive for a while while a video is playing. This is supposed to be a useful feature if you get distracted or need to leave an important video.

However, it is extremely infuriating when listening to music or ambient sounds. There is no set time limit for when auto-pause will be activated. Instead, YouTube activates this feature when it notices that you haven’t interacted with your screen in a long time (usually after 45 minutes).

It’s similar to Netflix’s “Are You Still Watching?” feature. ” feature – and it’s just as inconvenient when you’re in the middle of a marathon YouTube streaming session!

1. YouTube Default Settings

The Auto-Pause feature is enabled by default, which is why your YouTube video may pause. This feature is intended to pause videos if you have been inactive on the device for a long period of time, preventing you from missing important details in the content you were watching.

However, you may be listening to music while cleaning your room and not using the computer for a while. The auto-pause feature would ruin the entire experience in this case.

2. Network Issues

If your network goes down, your YouTube video may pause. Perhaps the video is buffering, or there is a server error right now. Unless the video has been fully downloaded, YouTube’s in-built algorithm pauses it whenever there is a network outage.

3. Problems with Browsers

Aside from internet issues, certain browsers can cause YouTube videos to pause. Cookies or cache files may cause a glitch, or some extensions may prevent the video from loading properly.

4. YouTube Faults

YouTube, as fantastic as it is, is not immune to technical flaws or bugs. If you’re certain that nothing is wrong on your end, it’s worth checking YouTube’s Help Center or the Known Issues page for any ongoing technical issues with the platform.

5. ‘Remind Me to Take a Break’ Feature

Do you use YouTube’s new “Remind Me to Take a Break” feature? If this is the case, it could be one of the reasons why your video pauses at a certain point.


The YouTube app has a feature called the “Take a Break Reminder” that does exactly what it promises: it reminds you to step away from your device for a while to help people focus on their work and avoid excessive video watching.

This feature is available in recent versions of the YouTube mobile app and is an excellent way to stay focused and avoid harmful bingeing. This feature may be enabled by default, someone may have enabled it without your knowledge, or you may have forgotten that you were the one who enabled it.

Auto-Pause On Youtube
Auto-Pause On Youtube


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1. Browser Issues

It’s unlikely, but it does happen from time to time: if your web browser has a very full cache, lots of tabs open, or is malfunctioning, you may experience YouTube playback issues.

If that’s the case, you should do the following: 

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Close and reopen your internet browser
  • Check for browser updates

2. Internet Issues

Ah, yes, good old buffering. A slow internet connection can sometimes result in the classic “spinning wheel” buffering.

When your YouTube video is buffering, it may simply pause so that more of the video can be loaded before it resumes. P00 lIf your internet connection is slow, your YouTube videos will start and stop frequently – especially if you’re watching in Full HD or 4K!


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to stop YouTube from pausing. There are no settings on the desktop version of YouTube that you can change to disable Auto Pause. If you want YouTube to play indefinitely, you’ll need to think outside the box a little.

  • Install a Browser Plug-In as the Best Method
  • There are numerous browser plugins that run in the background and prevent YouTube from pausing automatically.
  • AutoTube and YouTube Auto Pause Blocker are two of the most popular browser add-ons; both are safe and effective extensions that will keep YouTube playing indefinitely.
  • These browser extensions function in a very straightforward manner: they prevent YouTube from pausing your videos by making you appear to be active on the page.

The extension essentially mimics mouse movement (this is a “behind-the-scenes” action; nothing happens on your screen) so that YouTube never assumes you are inactive. If you’re tired of YouTube pausing all the time on your computer, install one of these extensions and stream worry-free!


1. Check Your Internet Connection

If your WiFi goes down, so does your ability to stream video. YouTube will be very spotty if you have a weak signal. Here are some simple things you can do to boost your internet speed:

  1. Reset your wireless router.
  2. To connect to the internet without a wireless signal, use an ethernet cable.
  3. Increase the distance between your router and your computer.
  4. If you’re using your phone, turn off WiFi and switch to LTE/5G. (or vice versa)

Alternative Video: How To Stop YouTube From Automatically Pausing?

How To Stop YouTube From Automatically Pausing?

2. Reduce YouTube Playback Quality

If you can’t get your videos to play or load quickly, you may have to forego watching in full HD or 4K resolution.

Reduced playback quality to 720P won’t be noticeable on most devices, and it will significantly shorten loading times. Accepting that your internet simply cannot handle fast loading of high-quality YouTube content is sometimes your only option!

3. Disable Your Antivirus

Third-party apps or extensions may interfere with your YouTube service. If your antivirus software or another app flags YouTube as a threat, you may be unable to finish the video.

Turn off any software that you suspect is interfering with your YouTube experience, particularly the antivirus program.

4. Update the Application

Does your YouTube app continue to pause videos even after you’ve cleared the cache and restarted it? Check that you’re using the most recent version of YouTube. Simply look for YouTube in the “Apps” section of your phone’s settings and see if there’s an update available.

5. Clear YouTube Cache

YouTube cache saves some of your previously watched videos and allows you to watch them faster the next time you visit the site. Too many videos in the cache can cause the app to slow down, resulting in videos pausing too frequently.

To clear the YouTube cache, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your mobile device or browser.
  2. Locate the “YouTube” app on your mobile device, or go to the “Storage and Memory” section of your browser’s settings.
  3. Find and use the “Clear cache” option. Choose “Clear Data” with caution, as this will delete all of your YouTube data.
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6. Tweak YouTube Auto-Pause Settings

If YouTube pauses a video and prompts you to “Continue watching? The Auto-pause feature is then enabled. You can disable this feature by installing an extension.

There are numerous options available, but not all of them are compatible with all browsers. “AutoTube – YouTube nonstop,” for example, is available for Chrome and Firefox. Follow the steps below to install AutoTube on Chrome:

  1. By clicking “Add to Chrome,” you can download the AutoTube extension.
  2. Click “Add extension” to continue.
  3. The extension will automatically install, and you will be able to watch YouTube videos without auto-pause.

To install AutoTube on Firefox, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to AutoTube on Mozilla Addons.
  2. Click on “Add to Firefox,” then “Add.”
  3. The add-on will install and be active immediately.

The next time the “Continue watching?” tab appears, the extension will immediately resume the video. If the auto-pause feature is not the problem, continue with the steps below.

7. Check Your Internet Connection

If you encounter a playback problem with one of the videos on YouTube, try another one. If it takes longer than usual to load the page or the video buffers, switch to another app or simply run a Google search to see if your internet connection is stable.

If nothing appears, restart your router or contact your internet service provider to further investigate the problem.


The Take a Break Reminder feature in the YouTube App is turned off by default. However, if your YouTube account indicates that you are under the age of 18, this feature will be enabled automatically.

So, if you’re using YouTube with an account for someone under the age of 18, you’ll need to go to your settings and turn it off. Alternatively, even if you are using an account for a person over the age of 18, your Take a Break feature may be activated without your knowledge or recall.

In either case, disabling the Take a Break Reminder is very easy! 

Just follow these steps:

  • Open your YouTube App
  • Navigate To “Settings”
  • Select “General”
  • Next to “Remind me to take a break”, turn the switch to “Off”
How To Stop YouTube From Pausing? (Quick and Easy Steps!)
How To Stop YouTube From Pausing? (Quick and Easy Steps!)


YouTube is a platform for content creators, and nearly 90% of them rely on ad revenue to fund the content they post on the site. You already know all of this, but what you don’t realize is that it could be the cause of your YouTube video pausing.

But how, you may wonder?

To answer that, you must first understand how YouTube’s ad revenue works. When a content creator places an ad on one of their videos, it is either at the end of the video or on the sides of the page where the video is being played.

When people watch that video and see that ad (even though most of us don’t want to), YouTube counts the views and pays the content creator based on the ad type and duration. However, this viewer count changes when a single person watches the same video or playlist multiple times.

The video is generating traffic as a result of YouTube’s algorithms, but the ad is only being seen by one viewer multiple times. And that is something YouTube does not want.

Because they want as many people to see the ad as possible; otherwise, they won’t reach the estimated number of people they promised to the company whose ad was being played or shown.

Also, some people use auto-play to play their own video in order to fool the YouTube algorithm into thinking they are getting more views, which doesn’t work, but they try. So, when you play a video or a playlist on repeat, that counts as traffic generated by that video or playlist.

This prompts YouTube to draw one of two conclusions. Either you are away from the keyboard or AFK, meaning you are not watching the video and just forgot to pause or close YouTube, or you’ve opened YouTube with the intent of spamming the views so that a particular video gets more stats.

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Either option is unsuitable for ad revenue because it reduces the authenticity of the actual viewers. As a result, YouTube pauses the video to ask if you are still watching and want to continue watching.

This pause will occur at the end of the video before restarting it or moving on to the next video in the playlist. It is uncommon, but YouTube can also pause in the middle of a video to confirm that you are still active.


Not everyone tries to defraud YouTube for views. We simply want to listen to or watch the things we enjoy the most. And, if you’re anything like me, you listen to lyrics videos while doing other things while keeping YouTube open in the background.

And after listening to the same playlists over and over, I’ve had my fair share of “do you want to continue?” messages. So, what’s the solution?

To begin with, you can’t change anything meaningful about this situation by tweaking some settings in your YouTube personal settings, nor can you make drastic changes to your Google account that will resolve this issue (trust me, I tried).

But don’t worry, there’s always a solution, and the solution for this issue is to use browser extensions. That’s all there is to it—no fancy tweaking or third-party software required to override YouTube’s coding. You simply need to locate and install an extension.

It’s simple to find an extension for this. To access a plethora of extension options, go to your browser settings, find the extension, and then visit the extension store. Of course, not all of them will function properly all of the time.

As a result, you must experiment with various extensions until you find the right one. This will also be affected by the hardware of your computer. Also, ensure that you have the most recent drivers installed.

In my opinion, ‘Auto Tube – YouTube Nonstop’ seems to work perfectly. I have tested it on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and they seem to work just fine. So, I would recommend giving it a try at least. 

But try it with a grain of salt because there is a possibility that it might not work. In that case, try other extension options.

Conclusion: Watch YouTube Without Interruptions

Having your YouTube video pause is never a good thing. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem. The good news is that it is easily solved. Most of the time, the issue is caused by the auto-pause feature, or your internet connection needs to be double-checked.

This article outlined the most common reasons why YouTube may pause your videos automatically, as well as some simple solutions.

If the auto-pause feature isn’t the issue and your YouTube video continues to pause, try the alternative steps listed above. Which method did you use to solve the problem? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Troubleshoot Youtube Auto Pausing
Troubleshoot Youtube Auto Pausing

FAQs About YouTube Auto Pausing

Is there a way to stop YouTube from pausing?

Downloading AutoTube or YouTube Auto Pause Blocker is the best way to prevent YouTube from pausing. YouTube has an Auto-Pause feature that detects inactivity and pauses your content if you are inactive for an extended period of time. These browser extensions prevent this by making you appear to be engaged in the page’s content.

How do you get YouTube to stop asking if you want to keep watching?

Install the Youtube Non-Stop Extension on your computer’s Google Chrome browser. This Extension is free to install on your computer. Add the extension to your computer by clicking the button.

How do I turn auto pause off?

Enable/Disable the Auto Pause Feature:
Tap the Activity Setup icon next to the “Start” button.
Scroll down and tap “Auto Pause”
Toggle the Auto Pause on or off.

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