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Many users are experiencing the issue of WiFi zones that are no longer operational. This issue must be resolved in order to enjoy uninterrupted WiFi access.

How to resolve this issue if you use the Verizon FiOS system?

It is a system in which you will be required to employ Verizon hardware. This feature distinguishes it as a proprietary system.

To solve the problem of how to extend the Verizon Fios wifi range, simply combine your existing router with the router provided by Verizon. However, while these gadgets can be really useful if you are adding more baggage to your system, the more convoluted it becomes.

Verizon has provided several devices that will assist in providing a disruption-free WiFi service in order to reduce the hassles. Before you begin the process of increasing your Verizon FiOS WiFi Range, you should monitor your current connection strength to see if it is improving or not.

How To Extend Verizon Fios Wi-Fi Range?
How To Extend Verizon Fios Wi-Fi Range?

What Are WiFi Range Extenders Used For?

Simply put, a WiFi range extender intercepts router signals and enhances, increases, and extends them beyond the current coverage region. However, the specific way your WiFi extender works are determined by the type of booster, repeater, or extender you employ.

To determine how to increase the strength of your residential WiFi network, you must first determine the types of WiFi signal booster is compatible with your router.

Several factors can have an impact on your Wi-Fi signal.

Consider Wi-Fi to be a link between your gadgets and the internet. Wi-Fi allows you to use your smartphone to send and receive data over your home network rather than your mobile data plan. To connect to it, you’ll need a Wi-Fi router, which establishes a network by sending a signal to your computer, printer, phone, tablet, and other devices.

Wi-Fi isn’t without flaws. Physical obstructions between your device and the router, such as a corner or a brick wall, cause the signal to weaken as the range to both you and the Wi-Fi router increases. You can use your phone to create a temporary hotspot to complement your Wi-Fi in an emergency.

However, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, check to see if your Wi-Fi router is properly positioned or if you can supplement the signal with a Wi-Fi enhancer.

5 Easy Ways For You To Extend Verizon Fios Wi-Fi Range

1. Improve Your Router

If your current router has become obsolete, you can replace it with Verizon’s latest generation Quantum Gateway. This router is wireless and has a beautiful design that will not disrupt your residence.

You can even stay outside in a public place for better connectivity. This will provide you with a greater range and connection speed. If you’ve been using the same router for years, now is the time to replace it and upgrade to a newer model.

If you’re having trouble with your connections, upgrading your router can be extremely beneficial. When purchasing a router, make certain that it is compatible with the system you have installed in your home.

When attempting to install a new wireless network, the activation time is 1 or 2 hours, which is not stated in the instructions. As a result, keep that in mind as well.

2. For Ethernet Dead Zones, a Wireless Access Point

You can set up a wireless network at home if you have an Ethernet cable connection. This type of wi-fi network repeater is integrated into a hardwired system and can only be used with Ethernet connectivity. For WiFi Router Dead Zones, use a Wireless Adapter or a Wireless Repeater.

If you don’t connect to the Internet via Ethernet, you’ll need to know how to use a powerline adapter to extend your WiFi range. A powerline adapter is connected to your home’s main electrical supply wires. This adapter serves as an Ethernet port for connecting to a WiFi access point.

However, determining how to extend the WiFi router range is a simple process. A wireless transmitter can be purchased and integrated into your existing router configuration. Depending on how many repeaters you use in a given area, this will act as a 2nd or 3rd router.

For Ethernet Dead Zones, a Wireless Access Point
For Ethernet Dead Zones, a Wireless Access Point

3. For advanced home coverage, consider investing in a mesh Wi-Fi system.

The equipment used in mesh Wi-Fi systems is noticeably different: a router and a sequence of antenna modules are included. These are strategically placed throughout your home to present a cohesive network that covers all rooms and areas.

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As a result, there is no need to switch between networks when using a mesh Wi-Fi system. In many cases, however, simply relocating your router or purchasing a somewhat less affordable Wi-Fi booster may be enough to meet your requirements.

Choose the best method for improving your home’s Wi-Fi. If you’re unable to strengthen the area of your Wi-Fi router, you can seek technical assistance. If you need a stronger signal in a specific room, such as your bedroom, a Wi-Fi extender may be the best option.

A Wi-Fi repeater may be a better option if you want to connect to Wi-Fi more widely, such as when you’re outside. If you have a large home and need better Wi-Fi everywhere, a mesh Wi-Fi system maybe your best option if you have the funds.

Of course, a mobile hotspot or jetpack can ensure you’re never without Wi-Fi, whether it’s as a fallback option for your home internet or when you’re not at home.

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4. Extenders for Networks

What should you do if you require WiFi at more than one location? You can use Verizon extenders to extend the network’s range to a great distance. This can be accomplished in a straightforward manner.

Verizon has released a new additional WiFi device that can be easily installed anywhere in your home, regardless of distance. You only need to use the coax outlet, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not they require software configuration.

When you connect the device in, it will automatically activate under the same WiFi name as before, but with a larger coverage area. Using a coax outlet or coax connection, a FiOS extender can be installed anywhere. It has the ability to cover as much ground as you want.

5. A Wi-Fi booster can help you improve your Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi extender and a Wi-Fi repeater are two kinds of basic home devices that can help improve the Wi-Fi strength of your network, and both are commonly referred to as Wi-Fi boosters. These Wi-Fi boosters can be simple desktop accessories or they can be plugged directly into outlets.

Once configured, both networks will create secondary networks — for example, your original “Network” will become “Network1,” and your devices will be able to access whichever signal is stronger.

A mesh Wi-Fi system is another type of option available in relation to these add-ons. It provides a better Wi-Fi network throughout your home, but it is more expensive and difficult to set up.

Installing and Setting Up a Verizon FiOS Extender

It may appear confusing and incredibly hard when installing a Verizon FiOS extender for the first time, but don’t worry; we’ve answered your question. The steps below will walk you through the process of easily installing a WiFi extender setup in your home.

Step 1: Go to the place where your current router is located and plug the extender into the available outlet.

Step 2: A WPS button will be provided either in front of the router or in front of your extender.

Step 3: Press both the router’s and the extender’s buttons at the same time. This will establish the connection; once completed, the LED light will turn green.

Step 4: Bring the extender to the location where your WiFi signals are fragile. When the connection is not interrupted, the light turns green.

Step 5: Link to the extender WiFi in a different location, using the same network name and WiFi password.

Verizon WiFi Extender
Verizon WiFi Extender

When is a WiFi Extender More Beneficial?

Isn’t it inconvenient to be unable to use WiFi in certain areas of your home? When you use your WiFi and it does not connect, you may need to stay near specific locations to stay in the WiFi range. This can be extremely vexing.

However, if you have a large house, you will need a WiFi extender because a WiFi router can only provide a limited connection range. When you have a large house, a WiFi extender will come in handy.

Why Should You Buy One of These WiFi Extenders?

Before bringing the best WiFi extenders to you for purchase, we did extensive research on their features. The evaluation is based on the most distinguishing characteristics of the product.

This means that, in comparison to all other products, these are the best WiFi extenders on the market. You can choose a Wi-Fi extender from the list based on your needs and the price range you have available.

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The WiFi extender you purchase should be capable of supporting a wide range of devices. When considering WiFi speed and range, it should be the best option. We have brought you WiFi extenders that are very affordable and reasonable.

These WiFi extenders will lessen signal interruptions and disruptions, ensuring that your WiFi performance is not compromised. Your connection speed and signal strength will improve once you download a WiFi extender. This will allow you to stay connected to WiFi over a long distance.

This WiFi extender is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes to complete. It will not require any special equipment to be set up.

Full Reviews of the Best WiFi Range Extender

WiFi range extension is critical to your online interactive experience. Your WiFi system can do everything from play games to help you schedule dentist appointments. Naturally, a sporadic signal pattern can significantly slow things down.

As a result, whenever you examine the specifications of any extension cable device, you must keep your eyes peeled. Fortunately, we have the best extenders right here for you. Here’s everything you need to know about WiFi range extenders, from their range area to their price ranges:

1. The TP-Link RE505X has the best Universal Compatibility.

TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender Internet Booster, WiFi 6 Range Extender Covers up to... The TP-Link RE505X

The TP-Link RE505X extender includes two powerful antennas to expand your WiFi’s coverage area. While this covers all of your house’s dead zones, the RE505X extender also covers areas where your router’s coverage does not extend.

The RE505X is a dual-band device with a 2.4 GHz speed of 300 Mbps and a 5 GHz speed of 1200 Mbps. The extender is also relatively simple to use. The TP-Link app must be installed on your smartphone.

The TP-Link R505X router system can also be converted into a OneMesh router system for larger infrastructures. To get even stronger connections in the most remote and difficult-to-reach areas of your home, you can use a standard TP-Link router.


  • Advantages Allows multiple devices to stream, upload, and download high-quality multimedia at the same time.
  • Simple to set up and use with a single app
  • Is universally compatible with a variety of devices.


  • Coverage area is slightly less than that of competitors.
  • The OneMesh option can be quite pricey.

2. P-Link RE220 – Best Budget Buy

TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender (RE220), Covers Up to 1200 Sq.ft and 20 Devices, Up to... P-Link RE220

With its low price tag, the TP-Link RE220 WiFi range extender achieves some of the most amazing results. The AC750 WiFi extender has two operating frequencies: 2.4 GHz at 300 Mbps and 5 GHz at 433 Mbps. Ethernet cables can also be used to connect the RE220 Extender.

This product’s cost-effectiveness is boosted by its suitability with routers and Ethernet services. The TP-Link RE220 can be controlled using both the Web UI and the Wire app. As a result, the extender enables you to manage operational settings from any device, at any time, and from any location.

All things considered, the TP-Link RE220 Extender is an excellent investment for those who have poor Internet service but cannot afford a full-fledged service upgrade!


  • At the low end of the spectrum, high-quality product and service
  • Sleek design that can be adjusted anywhere
  • The one-button setup makes it simple to switch between modes.


  • Reduced coverage area, device limit, and speed specifications
  • If you use both speed bands, the router may experience noticeable speed loss.

3. D-Link DAP-X1870 – Fastest and Widest Bandwidth Options

D-Link WiFi 6 Range Extender AX1800 Mesh Repeater and Signal Booster, Wall Plug in,... D-Link DAP-X1870

While gaining access to and eliminating dead areas in your WiFi coverage is a significant accomplishment, replacing them with high-speed coverage sounds even more enticing. Fortunately, the D-Link DAP-X1870 makes this possible and simple for you.

The WiFi 6 range extension technology in the D-Link extender can deliver up to 38 percent faster speeds at 5 GHz and up to 90 percent faster speeds at 2.4 GHz. This translates to extremely fast streaming from multiple devices in multiple locations – with minimal buffering!

The D-Link DAP-X1870 is also simple to set up and use. With a single tap on the DLink mobile app for Android and iOS, you can control the settings and monitor performance.   Not only that, but the extender also includes a number of cutting-edge technologies to improve your modem encounter, including OFDMA, BSS coloring, and device battery-saving options.

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  • Your Internet service’s network congestion is reduced.
  • Can connect both inside and outside the house to any access point, router, or ISP gateway.
  • Improved speeds reduce screen time and device energy consumption.


  • Leans toward the more expensive end of the extender spectrum.

4. NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7300 – The Best Verizon FiOS WiFi Extender

NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7300 - Coverage up to 2300 sq.ft. and 40 devices... NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7300

NETGEAR services can also be quite promising whenever it needs to come to lengthening your WiFi range or improving router signals, as far as I’ve seen. The NETGEAR EX7300 Extender is a good investment if you have Verizon FiOS and want your WiFi signals to cover a larger area.

Another feature that many of you will appreciate is the fact that this mesh extender can connect to up to forty devices! When you combine this feature with NETGEAR’s smart roaming technology, you get a slew of fantastic access points all over the house.

You may experience some speed loss if you have too many devices connected. If that’s the case, you might want to learn how to extend WiFi range using a different router. So, the next time your house is overrun with guests during the holidays, you won’t have to fight for WiFi!


  • Smart and simple roaming across the entire coverage area
  • Mesh networking facilitates streaming and browsing from any access point.


  • When the network is congested, you may experience some speed loss and buffering issues.
  • Customer service and support from NETGEAR can be a little disappointing.

5. BrosTrend WiFi Range Extender – Favorite for a Variety of Working Modes

BrosTrend WiFi Extender 1200Mbps Signal Booster Range Repeater, Add Coverage up to...

Assume you’re looking for a straightforward extender.

In that case, the BrosTrend WiFi range extender is without a doubt one of the most promising and reliable options. To begin with, the BrosTrend WiFi extender works with routers, Ethernet cables, and powerline adapters.

So, whether you have a router-assisted Internet connection or a hardware-mixed Internet service, this extender can work in almost any situation. It’s also easy to set up, use, and switch between modes, making it ideal for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

The 867 Mbps speed operates at 5 GHz, while the 400 Mbps speed operates at 2.4 GHz, ensuring adequate and seamless connectivity throughout the home.


  • Easily boosts and extends signals through poor building models.
  • You can afford the device because it has multiple modes.


  • The coverage area is not as extensive as some of the other options.

Conclusion On Extending Verizon Fios Wi-Fi Range

Finally, you know everything there is to know about Verizon WiFi extenders and which one is best for you. We have selected the top five WiFi extenders from among all the products on the market.

You can select any of these options based on the purpose you want to fulfill. This article will provide you with all of the information you need to know before installing the Verizon FiOS WiFi extender.

So there you have it, our take on how to extend Verizon Fios wifi scope. Please leave any additional questions in the comments section below.

FAQs About Extending Verizon Fios Wi-Fi Range

What is the definition of a FIOS network extender?

The Fios Network Extender is a wireless network adapter that increases the reach and potential of your wireless network at home or in the office. The Fios Network Extender installs a wireless access point wherever there is a coax connection, extending the existing wireless network’s reach.

Is it possible to use two routers with FiOS?

To access FiOS Internet service on your computer, Verizon FiOS high-speed Internet service provides you with a combination modem and router. You can use a secondary router in conjunction with your FiOS router by changing the default settings on this modem-router combination.

How do I know if my FiOS WiFi Extender is up and running? 

Connect the Fios Extender to a coax outlet, ideally in an area where Wi-Fi coverage is spotty. Connect the power cords of the router and extender to an outlet. The light on the extender should turn solid white after a few minutes, indicating that the connection is complete.

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