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Is Netflix Party Safe? Netflix Party (now known as Teleparty) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and even Amazon Prime shows and movies in real-time with friends all over the world.

There’s even a chat feature that allows you to discuss the show/movie with friends in real-time while watching it. It’s essentially a virtual living room for watching movies with distant friends. But is it secure?

Netflix Party: Is It Safe?
Netflix Party: Is It Safe?


Yes, Netflix Party (Teleparty) is suitable for people of all ages. For each show, a unique link is generated, and you can only access the “party” if you have that exact link. It employs end-to-end encryption, and chat history is routinely deleted from its servers.

It’s worth noting that Netflix has no affiliation. It’s natural to be concerned about one’s safety and privacy when using the internet. However, after reviewing their Privacy Policy and some of their data security practices, I believe Netflix Party (Teleparty) is relatively safe to use.

1. Safety

Finally, safety begins with the user. If your child is using this extension, make sure you know with whom they are sharing the generated link. That link is the only way for someone to gain access to their “party.”

Similarly, if your child is attending someone else’s party, you should be aware of who is providing them with the access link. I don’t believe there’s a real danger of a stranger entering the party or chatting.

The risk is that your child shares the link with a large number of random people on Reddit or another platform, and a large number of strangers join. However, that risk is no different from any other risk on the internet today. Your child could just as easily join a random chat room on another website and converse with strangers.

So, when/if your children use this extension, simply enact basic parental guidelines. Check to see who created the link and who will be joining. That’s it. Just a quick note: this extension does not involve any video or picture sharing. It’s strictly a conversation.

2. Privacy

Over 10 million people are currently using Netflix Party (Teleparty). That’s a lot of people and even more information!

Fortunately, Netflix Party (Teleparty) uses end-to-end encryption and does not store any of your account information or passwords to third-party streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others.

They also remove all chat history from their servers as soon as every one leaves a given party. Netflix Party (Teleparty) has also stated that they do not sell your personal information to third parties. But, in the end, we have to take their word for it.

As previously stated, Netflix has no affiliation with this product; it was created by a man who funds it through Patreon. That’s why it’s completely free; he invests the donations he receives back into the project. But these days, I believe I trust an individual more than any of the major media corporations.


To begin, sign in to the streaming service with which you intend to use Netflix Party (Teleparty). They currently offer support for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

And, just so you know, each person who joins the party will require their own UNIQUE streaming account. For example, if you have three friends and want to start a Hulu party with them to watch a show, each friend will need their own unique Hulu account to join.

After you’ve decided on a streaming service, you should look for a show or movie to watch. Navigate the streaming service’s library as usual, and when you reach the show you want, click the TP icon at the top of your web browser.

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A popup will appear asking you to “Start the Party.” When you do this, a unique link will be generated for you to share with your friends. Keep in mind that they will need to download the Netflix Party (Teleparty) extension in order to access the link!

That’s all! Netflix Party (Teleparty) should take care of the rest, keeping your show in sync and allowing you to chat with your friends in real-time while you watch.


Alternative Video: Is Netflix Party Safe?

Is Netflix Party Safe?


Netflix Party (Teleparty) has occasionally been reported to be out of sync. It appears that you are only 20 seconds behind or ahead of your friends.

However, more technical issues can arise when installing and using the extension. Fortunately, they’ve put together a fairly comprehensive FAQ page that you can refer to if you get stuck. And if that doesn’t solve your problem, I’d suggest emailing them.


If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re one of the Netflix Party extension users who are concerned about their online privacy.

Below is some information to keep in mind if you are about to try the Netflix Party extension for the first time or if you are already using it on your computer to share and watch Netflix shows with your friends or known ones.


In higher-tiered plans, Netflix allows you to add multiple users. For example, if you choose Netflix’s top-tier plan, you can add up to four members to a single account.

However, Netflix does not officially support any feature that allows these users to chat while watching any content. Here’s where Netflix Party comes in. This is freely available on the Google Chrome web store, and it is simple to install.

1. It’s not official

To begin with, the Netflix Party extension is not owned or promoted by Netflix in any way. Because this extension was created by third-party developers, the official company has no control over it. Installing the extension is entirely at your own risk.

2. Access to a Location

The Netflix party website’s privacy policy states unequivocally that they use your location data to personalize the ads that are shown to you. This means that your device’s location, among other things, will be logged by Netflix Party’s server.

3. Data collected by Netflix Party

Because you use the Netflix Party extension on your device, they collect certain data in order to keep the service running. Here is a list of some of the information gathered by the Netflix Party chrome extension.

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address
  • Location

Netflix Party makes use of third-party services such as Google Analytics to learn more about their visitors. Google Analytics collects information about your location, IP address, device, and so on. Other information gathered is dependent on the third-party service providers used by Netflix Party. Visit their privacy policy page to learn more about their policy.

4. Do Not Track Policy

Do not track policy used by some web browsers helps protect user privacy by not allowing to share some personal data or enabling trackers.

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As of now, it is not mandatory for websites to have this enabled. At the time of writing, Netflix Party did not support Do Not Track, implying that trackers could be used. Take care with this.

5. Processing of Data

Netflix Party’s server is located in the United States, and all data will be sent and processed solely through their servers. Because the server is in the United States, all of your data will be sent there first, and processing will take place there as well.

If you are from a European country or another country with a strict policy against these types of activities, you agree to Netflix Party’s terms and conditions to send your data to the US.

Is Netflix Party safe?
Is Netflix Party safe?


If you use the Netflix Party browser extension on your primary computer, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you don’t send the invite link to anyone you don’t know. Anyone can join your party using the invite link. So make sure to only share it with your closest friends.
  • According to the Netflix Party’s privacy policies, the service is intended for people aged 13 and up.
  • It will be more secure if you create a separate Google Chrome user account for the Netflix Party extension. This ensures that no sensitive information from your primary browser account is leaked by the extension.

These are some important things you should know about the extension before even using the same. By now, you might have got a clear idea regarding the Netflix party extension and whether or not Netflix Party Extension is safe?


Netflix Party is not an official Netflix product, which means that Netflix did not create it and does not endorse its use. The service is only available through Google Chrome, and the fact that it is a third-party Netflix add-on makes it less reliable.

Furthermore, Chrome extensions are known to be a popular way for malicious code to be installed on systems, so if you want to use Netflix Party, you do so at your own risk.


When you create a Netflix Party, you receive a shareable link that others can use to join the party and watch Netflix shows and movies with you.

Because anyone with your Netflix Party link can join, it’s critical that the shareable link remains within your friend’s circle and does not fall into the hands of strangers or potential cybercriminals.


Both a Twitter user and Vice reported that during their Netflix Party sessions, their currently playing titles were replaced with DailyMotion videos containing random Wikileaks footage, urging viewers to petition for the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

If your children are using Netflix Party to watch shows and movies with their friends, you should reconsider because some of the Wikileaks videos are inappropriate for their age.

Netflix Party Is Not Netflix?
Netflix Party Is Not Netflix?


Vice reports in the same post that several people have reported that strangers have been able to interrupt their Netflix Party viewing sessions.

According to the report, an uninvited member had joined the session, referring to themselves as a character from the current film, and began sending threatening texts via Netflix Party’s chat feature.


When a user is on the internet, modern web browsers include a “Do not track” feature that prevents the sharing of browsing data and disables trackers.

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Netflix Party claims that because there is “no accepted standard for responding to Do Not Track signals,” it does not use a browser’s DNT feature, which means it still uses trackers to scan your browsing habits and serve you with relevant ads.


According to Netflix Party’s Privacy Policy, the service is intended for children over the age of 13. Although you can monitor what your child watches on Netflix using Netflix’s parental controls, the fact remains that anyone with a link can join the party group.

Another thing to keep in mind is that any member of a Netflix Party can share external links, which could expose your child to unsupervised content, even if you know other members of the Netflix Party group.

CONCLUSION: Netflix Party, Is It Safe?

Netflix Party (Teleparty) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and even Amazon Prime shows and movies with your friends in real-time. There is also a chat feature, so you can communicate with your friends while watching the show! The extension is relatively risk-free:

  • It employs end-to-end encryption.
  • When the last person leaves the party, they delete all chat history from their servers.
  • There will be no selling of your information to third parties.
  • They do not keep your username or password for third-party streaming services on file.
  • Each party has a one-of-a-kind generated link that must be used in order to join.

However, ultimately, safety begins with the user. You should be fine as long as you know who your child is sharing the generated link to access the party with (or who shared the link with them).

What are your thoughts? Is it safe to use Netflix Party (Teleparty)? If you disagree, please leave a comment below. Make sure to explain why!

Why Use Netflix Party?
Why Use Netflix Party?

FAQs About Netflix Party

Is the Netflix party the same as Teleparty?

A new way to watch TV with your friends. Teleparty (previously Netflix Party) is a new online way to watch TV with your friends. Teleparty video playback and group chat are now available on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime.

Why has the Netflix party been renamed Teleparty?

Disney+, HBO, and Hulu will also join the Party. If that’s the case, the name Netflix Party is no longer appropriate. That’s why NP renamed itself Teleparty. If you have access to those other live streaming platforms, you can also host watch parties.

Is Teleparty malware?

Yes, Netflix Party (Teleparty) is suitable for people of all ages. For each show, a unique link is generated, and you can only access the “party” if you have that exact link. It employs end-to-end encryption, and chat history is routinely deleted from its servers.

Is Teleparty compatible with HBO Max?

Teleparty is now compatible with Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max in the United States, in addition to Netflix. Furthermore, in addition to remaining a Google Chrome extension, the add-on is now available for download on Microsoft Edge browsers.

Can you video call on Teleparty?

By default, Teleparty allows anyone to control the playback of the video. The link will open to the video you have chosen. They only need to click the red TP icon in their browser and the private chat room will open. You should now be able to chat with your friends and the video will be synced between all your devices.

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