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Alexa is a popular cloud-based voice service that is available on millions of Amazon and third-party devices. It is used to stream music, listen to daily weather reports, control smart appliances, and provide information, among other things.

One of the most appealing aspects of Alexa is the ability to tailor its features to your specific needs. One of these options is whether Alexa speaks back to you after receiving a command.

Brief Mode must be enabled if you want to make Alexa stop saying OK after every command. You can do this by saying “Alexa, turn on Brief Mode” while close to your device, or by opening the Alexa app on your phone and manually turning this mode on in the “Voice Responses” section of the settings.

Let’s take a closer look at what all of that entails, so you know exactly what changes you’ll be making to your Alexa system and how you’ll do it.

How To Make Alexa Stop Saying Ok?
How To Make Alexa Stop Saying Ok?


Enabling Brief Mode causes Alexa to stop saying OK. Once enabled, Alexa will stop saying OK and instead use a brief tone! To do so, launch the Amazon Alexa app and select More, then Settings. Scroll all the way down to Voice Responses and enable Brief Mode.

Though we don’t want to diminish Alexa’s solid reputation, it does occasionally do some odd things that make it appear less than smart for a smart device. Some of it is downright irritating.

Why, for example, does it feel the need to say “OK” every time it turns on or off a light? Did the creators believe that no one would ever get tired of hearing that?

As a result of this dubious piece of programming, millions of you are scrambling to find a way to silence the noise. We have some very good news for you. Though there is no obvious way to do so, this “feature” can be turned off permanently.

When this occurs, there is usually a good reason for it. After all, millions upon millions of people do not simply go out and buy the same device. No, there is a reason for these occurrences.

After scouring the internet for information on current issues, one, in particular, caught our attention. Of course, we’re referring to the one in which Alexa appears to become stuck and simply repeats the word “OK.”


Brief Mode is a setting that reduces Alexa’s speech by removing confirmations. This is the method to use if you want Alexa to stop saying “okay.” When Brief Mode is enabled, Alexa will instead emit a brief beep instead of responding to you.

This is especially useful if you have Alexa connected to your smart home devices, which you will be using more frequently throughout the day and night. In addition to eliminating the constant “okays,” brief mode will make Alexa’s responses shorter in general.

After hearing Alexa repeat the same word over and over, many users felt free to air their concerns loudly on social media – which, when you think about it, is probably the best way to get a result.

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Soon after, the developers added this mode, which was created solely to make Alexa less annoying. It’s a simple fix, simply replacing the phrase with a beep. However, many of you are discovering that you prefer the beep. So, if you want to experiment with the beep, here’s how.


There is no major trick to doing this, and it’s pretty easy once you are the know-how. All you need to do is go into the companion App on your phone and then follow the steps below:

  1. Locate and launch the Alexa App that you installed on your smartphone.
  2. Then, in the top left corner of the App, tap on the menu option.
  3. Next, navigate to the settings menu.
  4. Now navigate to the “general” tab of the settings menu.
  5. From here, navigate to the new Alexa Voice Responses menu.
  6. The final step is to enable brief mode by simply tapping on the toggle switch.

That’s the end of it. You should now be able to use a quieter version of Alexa, okay? Though the fact that it beeps isn’t ideal, we must admit that it is far less annoying than the alternative.

How Do I Turn On Brief Mode?
How Do I Turn On Brief Mode?


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Turn off Alexa’s purchase suggestions to further simplify your Alexa device. These annoying commercial messages will frequently appear after you ask a question. When this feature is enabled, Alexa will randomly ask if you want shopping recommendations after answering a query.

To avoid this, open the Alexa app and go to Settings > Notifications > Amazon Shopping. You can then uncheck the boxes for “personalized recommendations and deals based on your shopping activity” and “requests to rate products you’ve purchased.”

To top it off, you can disable the option to receive notifications for “Order Updates (Inc. Subscribe & Save.)” This should clear up your Alexa notifications, making your day-to-day appear less cluttered.

The Amazon Alexa app now includes a new feature that allows you to silence the voice-activated assistant. When you enable “Brief Mode,” Alexa will respond to your commands with a short beep instead of her usual “OK.” Reddit users reported seeing the new feature this week.

You can enable Brief Mode in the Amazon Alexa app’s Settings Menu under “Alexa Voice Responses,” or you can ask your Alexa-enabled device to do so.

When you enable the setting, you can ask Alexa to control the devices to which she is connected, and she will respond with beeps rather than “OK” to indicate that she received and completed the task.


You came here to learn how to stop Alexa from saying “okay” after you say a command, but chances are you’ll want to learn about other useful actions you can take to simplify and improve Alexa for your home.

You wouldn’t be here if that weren’t the case! Before you leave, let’s go over some simple device customizations you can make.

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This one is fairly self-explanatory, but we’ll go over it anyway. It is sometimes necessary to remain silent while completing tasks around the house. With Alexa’s whisper mode enabled, you can speak quietly and Alexa will respond in the same octave.

There are two simple ways to enable Whisper Mode. You can start by saying “Alexa, turn on whisper mode,” or you can use the Alexa app. If you choose the latter, here’s what you should do:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app
  • Click the More tab on the bottom right
  • Navigate to Settings on the list
  • Scroll down to Voice Responses
  • Toggle Whisper Mode on


Frequently, multiple people will be using Alexa-enabled devices. If this is the case in your home, you can create voice profiles for each user to enjoy a more personalized experience. This allows Alexa to learn more about you and provide more personalized responses.

To do so, go to the Alexa app’s account settings and select “Recognized Voices.” From there, you can create a voice profile by following the prompts on the screen. After that, simply ask “Alexa, who am I?” “, and it will recognize who is speaking.


Another simple way to make Alexa more user-friendly is to change the speed at which she speaks. If you can’t hear what your device is saying, try saying “Alexa, speak slower,” or you can make her talk faster if necessary.

Your Alexa will have a total of seven talking speeds from which to choose. In addition to the default setting, there are two slower and four faster-talking speeds.

Turn Off Brief Mode On Alexa
Turn Off Brief Mode On Alexa


The process for creating your own personalized Alexa responses is quite simple. To begin, go to the Amazon Blueprints page, then select Custom Q&A and click Create Your Own. There are numerous options available for each of your Alexa devices.

Many users have begun to use these custom actions to notify house guests about the location of items in your home, great places to eat in the area, and other information. They can also be used as reminders on a daily basis. Here are a few useful examples to get you started:

  • “Alexa, what time do the kids go to bed?”
  • “Alexa, when should the kids start their homework?”
  • “Alexa, where should I eat tonight?”
  • “Alexa, where is the dog leash?”

You can also implement fun questions and answers such as…

  • “Alexa, who is the best mom?”
  • “Alexa, who is totally awesome?”

Select a New Wake Word

You can use a different wake word instead of “Alexa” to wake up your device. The disadvantage is that you cannot use your own unique word. Aside from Alexa, you will have three other options to choose from:

  • Amazon
  • Echo
  • Computer

If you’re close to your device, simply say, “Alexa, change the wake word,” and choose a new option. You can also go to Settings > Device Settings, select your device, and then tap on Wake Word to choose what you want to call your voice assistant.

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Alexa provides a masculine counterpart to the traditional female voice that all users are accustomed to hearing. You can, however, choose one of the celebrity voices. Currently, you can choose between three voices for Alexa: Samuel L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy.

These celebrity voices have been programmed to respond to specific phrases and commands. Their reactions to alarms and timers, weather reports, and jokes are particularly notable. If you want to use a celebrity voice for your Alexa, you can do so for $5.

You can change Alexa’s voice through the device or the app depending on what is more convenient for you. However, it is important to note that the voice change will only affect the device you are using. As of now, you will have to change the voice on each device manually—not all at once.

Alternative Video: How To Make Alexa Stop Saying Ok?

How To Make Alexa Stop Saying Ok?


The point of Alexa is to make your life easier, which is why there are so many options to help you adjust your devices to better suit your wants and needs for your home. This includes personalizing all voice commands, wake words, responses, and other features.

One particularly simple fix is to stop Alexa from saying “okay” after tasks are completed. The process is simple and straightforward, but it’s always useful to be aware of all the other fantastic things you can do with your Alexa.

There is an infinite amount of information available on how to improve Alexa and your devices to match your preferences. There is also a wealth of information available on how to resolve other common Alexa issues. This article is here to help you get started.

FAQs About Making Alexa Stop Saying OK

How do I stop Alexa from responding to OK?

Enabling Brief Mode causes Alexa to stop saying OK. Once enabled, Alexa will stop saying OK and instead use a brief tone! To do so, launch the Amazon Alexa app and select More, then Settings. Scroll all the way down to Voice Responses and enable Brief Mode.

Why is Alexa now saying OK?

Brief Mode is a straightforward setting that causes Alexa to speak less and to stop saying OK after commands. If you use Alexa to control smart home devices, you must enable Brief Mode. For example, if you say “Alexa, turn on the lights,” Alexa will respond with OK before turning on the lights.

Can Alexa say something other than OK?

The Amazon Alexa app now includes a new feature that allows you to silence the voice-activated assistant. When you enable “Brief Mode,” Alexa will respond to your commands with a short beep instead of her usual “OK.” Reddit users reported seeing the new feature this week.

Is it possible to change Alexa’s voice to that of a celebrity?

Each celebrity voice can be heard for a one-time fee of $4.99. These are the steps to enabling celebrity voices on your Amazon Echo device. “Alexa, introduce me to CELEBRITY NAME,” you say. Select the wake word “Hey, CELEBRITY’S FIRST NAME.”

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