Sonos Roam with Bluetooth

What do you get when you combine one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market with the tiniest in Sonos’ lineup?

You get the awesome Sonos Roam! The Roam is a tiny powerhouse that can go anywhere with you, and it’s even easier to connect to your Bluetooth devices than you might think. In this post, we’ll discuss how to pair Sonos Roam with Bluetooth devices so that you can connect quickly.

Pairing Sonos Roam with Bluetooth
How To Pair Sonos Roam With Bluetooth Devices? (Find Out Now!) 7

From the basics of Bluetooth to the click of the connect button, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this perfect pairing. So let’s start and discover how simple it is to connect your Sonos Roam!


First, to pair your Sonos Roam with Bluetooth, ensure the device is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled. Then press and hold the Play/Pause button until the LED light starts blinking blue rapidly and use your phone/device’s Bluetooth settings to search for the speaker and connect.

Sonos Roam is not in pairing mode.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until you hear two chimes. The status light will blink blue when the speaker is ready to pair.
Bluetooth is not enabled on your device.Enable Bluetooth on your device.
Sonos Roam is not listed in the Bluetooth devices on your device.Make sure that your device is within range of Sonos Roam. Then, try restarting both devices.
Sonos Roam is paired to another device.Unpair Sonos Roam from the other device. Then, try pairing it with your device.
There is a problem with your Bluetooth connection.Try restarting your device and Sonos Roam. If the problem persists, contact Sonos support.


Sonos Roam speakers are a great way to enjoy premium sound quality in a portable package. This wireless speaker offers stunning audio quality and robust bass, providing an impressive listening experience while remaining small and lightweight.

It has a long battery life of up to ten hours on a single charge and is dust and water-resistant. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your Sonos Roam speakers to any device in your house for immersive sound.

With its intuitive app, you can easily control the sound settings of your speakers on any device, including your laptop or smartphone.

The Sonos Roam offers remarkable sound quality at an affordable price point, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money but still want a great audio experience.

At the same time, however, some users argue that more prominent Sonos speakers offer better sound quality for similar prices to the Roam.

While this may be partially true—more prominent speakers naturally offer more robust and more prosperous audio—the design of the Sonos Roam is perfect for portability, and its sound quality is still excellent compared to competitors’ speakers in the same price range.

Whether the Sonos Roam suits your listening needs will ultimately depend on what type of audio experience you’re looking for.

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But with its high-quality sound, easy setup process, and unbeatable portability, it’s certainly worthy of consideration by anyone looking for incredible audio in a small package. In our next section, we’ll look into how you can also use this great audio system with Bluetooth devices.

How to Bluetooth Pair Sonos Roam?


The Sonos Roam speaker is a revolutionary addition to the audio system lineup. This portable, lightweight speaker uses the latest patented technology to provide high-performance audio quality wherever it is used.

In addition, it has Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to multiple other Sonos speakers allowing great music coverage in any room or space.

The Roam speaker also features noise isolation technology which can reduce outside noise pollution and provide clear music even in crowded areas or spaces. In addition, with its waterproof design, you can use this speaker anywhere with peace of mind that it won’t be affected by any wet conditions.

Arguments for and against the Roam Speaker are sure to differ, depending on personal needs and gadgets one might own. For example, one might see the Roam as an absolute must-have for its portability, speed of connection, and sound quality; however, it could be argued that those less tech-savvy may find the setup process too complicated to understand.

Additionally, cost and battery life should be considered when deciding whether or not investing in a Sonos Roam suits you.

Connecting your Roam speaker with Bluetooth devices is readily achievable, regardless of your technical background, as both Windows and Mac PCs support this function. For this reason and more, connecting other Bluetooth-powered devices to your speaker could prove invaluable in creating a great listening experience!

Therefore, if you’re considering fully using this premium device, stay tuned for the next section, providing an insightful guide on connecting Bluetooth devices with your Roam.

Sonos Roam Pairing Bluetooth
How To Pair Sonos Roam With Bluetooth Devices? (Find Out Now!) 8


Once you understand what the Sonos Roam audio system is and its benefits, you may be eager to start setting up and pairing your device with compatible Bluetooth devices. Depending on the type of Bluetooth device you are trying to connect, the pairing process will be slightly different but relatively straightforward overall.

Many users report that the Bluetooth connection between their Roam speakers and a laptop or tablet is quite simple, as the device should prompt you to connect when in range.

However, other devices, such as gaming consoles, may require more steps, and in some cases, specific settings, like enabling Bluetooth mode, may need to be adjusted manually.

Suppose you encounter challenges connecting your Roam speaker with compatible Bluetooth devices. In that case, your local retailer may be able to provide further guidance or reassure you that the setup usually works smoothly if all of the steps are followed correctly.

Now that your Bluetooth devices have been successfully paired with your Sonos Roam speakers let’s outline the necessary steps for getting through the pairing process.

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How to Pair Sonos Roam with Bluetooth?
How To Pair Sonos Roam With Bluetooth Devices? (Find Out Now!) 9


The Sonos Roam speaker allows easy pairing when connecting to other Bluetooth devices. Users can easily connect their Roam to most Bluetooth-enabled devices with just a few steps.

To begin, you must turn on your electronic device’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular connection settings. Once you have both connections set correctly, open the Sonos App and press “Pair new” from the settings panel.

Press and hold the Volume and Mute buttons on your Roam Speaker for at least three seconds until the light blinks rapidly around the speaker. Your device should appear immediately in the SONOS app and is ready to be connected to your Roam speaker.

Once again, this process is quick and straightforward – requiring minimal technical knowledge or experience.

All that’s needed is a strong enough internet connection, Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices such as a smartphone or laptop, and a few taps on your phone or tablet. With all these parts working together seamlessly, users can easily take their music wherever they go.

Now that we have explored how to pair external devices with our Sonos Roam, let’s explore why this system is so beneficial by talking about the various features of this revolutionary sound system.


The Sonos Roam speaker can be easily and quickly paired with other Bluetooth-enabled devices in just a few steps. All that is needed is an internet connection, a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone or laptop, and the Sonos app.

Once connected, users will benefit from the various features of this revolutionary sound system, including taking their music with them wherever they go.

Sonos Roam Bluetooth Features
How To Pair Sonos Roam With Bluetooth Devices? (Find Out Now!) 10


Sonos Roam boasts impressive features, making it an excellent choice for wireless audio streaming. Its unique design makes it incredibly portable, and its long-lasting battery life promises up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playback time.

Its Bluetooth connectivity capabilities are also second-to-none, allowing it to pair with dozens of compatible devices effortlessly. The system also lets users control sound levels using intuitive onboard touch controls.

Ultimately, the Sonos Roam provides an outstanding balance between convenience and quality. Its wide range of compatibility options ensures that it can easily accommodate most users’ needs, while portability and onboard controls allow for personalized adjustments on the go.

Even in the most challenging environments, the Sonos Roam will provide crisp sound fidelity and reliable performance — all at an affordable price.

As a result of its robust combination of features, The Sonos Roam is undoubtedly one of the best Bluetooth systems available on the market today. As we dive into how to use your device’s Control Center and maximize signal strength, you can be sure you’re taking advantage of all this powerful speaker offers.


The control center is also essential for recognizing and connecting the Sonos Roam with Bluetooth. The control center is a hub for communication between the two devices through sophisticated technology.

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It manages signal strength, wireless range, and transmission throughout the Bluetooth network. This is especially true in today’s generation, where reliable connections are increasingly critical, as latency problems can harm integrated systems.

Although the Signal Strength of the Sonos Roam has generally been acknowledged as good, there have been instances where users have complained that it was difficult to connect with specific devices due to weak signals.

Nonetheless, these cases are rare; most users have reported no issues with having a steady connection when pairing their devices.

The Sonos Roam has made it easy to pair Bluetooth devices and enjoy the excellent sound quality. However, one should never forget how crucial the Control Center and Signal Strength are regarding this function.

Therefore, taking a closer look at these features is paramount before making any purchases to ensure you get the most out of your system.

With that said, let’s now look at the pros and cons of the Sonos Bluetooth Roam System, which will help us better understand this popular product.

Sonos Roam Bluetooth System
How To Pair Sonos Roam With Bluetooth Devices? (Find Out Now!) 11


The Sonos Bluetooth Roam system has pros and cons regarding the control center and signal strength. On the one hand, the Roam boasts an impressive top-end ability to reach 150ft so that it can carry an extensive signal range with great clarity.

Plus, the setup is incredibly user-friendly, even for users with low-tech skills. You can easily control the system with the Sonos Controller app; it allows you to adjust various sound levels, switch between multiple speakers, and configure settings from any device.

On the other hand, the Roam’s signal can degrade in large open spaces or high interference areas. Also, the battery life on the system only lasts around 10 hours before needing a recharge.

This may be a downside for some users relying on battery life for audio activities. Additionally, no expansion slot is available due to its small size, significantly limiting customization options when connected with other devices.

Ultimately, users must decide which system best suits their needs based on their preferences and usage scenario.

Many will find that while the Roam has limitations compared to larger systems like its predecessor, the Sonos Move, its portability makes it a great choice in specific scenarios. A proper assessment of one’s needs should inform their purchase decision when considering this Bluetooth option from Sonos.


What equipment is needed to pair a Sonos Roam with Bluetooth?

You need a Bluetooth-capable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to connect your Sonos Roam with Bluetooth. Simply press and hold the power button for two seconds before releasing it. Then, in your device’s Bluetooth settings, select Roam from the device list. The Sonos Roam will then appear in your phone’s Bluetooth devices inventory.

What potential issues could arise when pairing a Sonos Roam with Bluetooth?

Several potential complications could arise when connecting a Sonos Roam with Bluetooth. These include connection issues, such as an error message exhibiting “Connection Unsuccessful” in Bluetooth settings, difficulty turning the device off, and random button malfunctions. In addition, a long press of the device’s button can activate Bluetooth pairing mode.

Are there any specific steps that need to be taken to successfully pair a Sonos Roam with Bluetooth?

To associate a Sonos Roam with Bluetooth, press and hold the device’s power button for two seconds before releasing it. Next, navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select Sonos Roam from the list of available devices. When the device’s name appears in the inventory of paired devices, pairing is complete.

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