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How To Find AirPods When Offline? If you own AirPods, you know how awesome they are, but you also know how difficult it can be to find them, especially if they are not in the case. But don’t get too worked up about it.

In this article, we’ll look at how to find lost AirPods that aren’t connected to the internet or how to find AirPods when offline. That way, the next time you misplace your AirPods, you’ll be a little better prepared. To get the most out of this article and best learn how to find lost AirPods that are offline, feel free to skip to the section of your most pressing interest or go one by one.

How To Find AirPods When Offline? (Try This Easy Ways!)
How To Find AirPods When Offline? (Try This Easy Ways!)


Wireless earphones are extremely convenient, but they are also much easier to misplace. When it comes to misplacing AirPods, there are several possibilities: you could be missing only one earpiece, both earpieces, both earpieces in a case, just a case, or any other combination of these three.

When your AirPods are online, they are much easier to find; however, when they are offline, they become more difficult to locate. Before we move on to the next section, where we will discuss how to locate lost AirPods that are offline, we need to make sure you understand what the terms ‘offline’ and ‘no location found’ mean.

If AirPods are out of range of the device to which they are connected, they may appear offline (either in a case or out of it). Furthermore, if their batteries run out, they may be perceived as being offline.

When your device is unable to locate your AirPods, it will display the message ‘No location found.’ With that in mind, let’s move on to the next section, where we’ll go over how to find lost AirPods that have gone offline.


The “Find My” app is the best (and only truly effective) way to track down your misplaced AirPods. If you lose one or both earbuds outside of the case, the Find My app can provide a location that is accurate to within about 20 meters using GPS, and it is even more precise when using Bluetooth data.

It’s worth noting that the Find My app works best when looking for your AirPods separately – that is, when one or both earbuds have gone missing outside of the case.

You can still (technically) use the Find My app to locate your AirPods inside their charging case, but only if the app remembers where they were the last time you used them. It’s also worth noting that the Find My app is intended to locate devices that aren’t dead.

When your AirPods are charged and within range (30-50ft), the Find My app even allows you to play a sound to your AirPod to help you find it faster! When your AirPods are dead, the app isn’t nearly as useful. Even if this is true, the Find My feature is still your best bet for locating your misplaced or dead AirPods.

If they haven’t been charged in a while, AirPods will display the message “Offline.” If this is the case, there won’t be many viable options for locating them. Assume there is no location data for the AirPods and you are unable to locate them after manually searching. In that case, the only option is to buy a new AirPod or pair.


When the AirPods are not in their cases and have not yet run out of battery power, they can only be tracked and found using the “Find my” app. To use the “Find my” network, you must connect to the AirPods via Bluetooth; otherwise, you will not know their last location.

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If the AirPods die, there will be no Bluetooth connection and thus no way to track them. Tracking AirPods individually (left and right earbud) is possible, so if one of them is still charging, you might be able to find the other one if they’re still close to each other. Similarly, if one or both had a charge a short time ago, the app may show you their last known location.

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How Do You Find Airpods If They Are Offline?



If your AirPods died near your phone, such as inside your home, the Find My app will show you their last known location. Unless you have some nefarious family members, there’s no reason your AirPods should have moved since they died; they should still be in the same location.

Use the Find My app to pinpoint the most recent location of your AirPods, and you should be able to get your hands on them within a few minutes. AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max headphones that are lost, stolen, or go missing can usually be tracked using the Find My network.

However, when the headphones’ battery dies, the network is unable to make the necessary connection to allow the user to locate them again. Aside from situations where the battery is completely depleted, users may have difficulty locating lost AirPods while they are in their case and charging.

The only time an AirPod can be tracked and located is when it is not in its case and has not yet depleted its battery charge. Apple improved the tracking capabilities of its AirPods with the AirPods 3, but a dead battery renders these enhancements ineffective.

If the AirPods are turned on, a green light will appear on the map to pinpoint their location. The green dot also indicates that you can play sound through your AirPods to help you locate them in the wild.

If your AirPods are dead, turned off, or out of tracking range, you may need to do some footwork and backtrack to areas where you may have misplaced them. Once you’re within range, the map will do the rest and bring them home for you. It’s worth noting that this trick works whether you’ve lost both AirPods or just one.

Now that you’ve reunited with your AirPods, it’s time to treat them with the respect they deserve! Elago offers a plethora of AirPod dust and waterproof guards to keep those priceless devices safe and secure. To avoid damage, the waterproof cases are ideal for those summer barbecues and pool parties you’ll undoubtedly attend.


If you know that your AirPods are both

  1. Dead, and
  2. Farther than 150 feet away from you

Finding them will be more difficult because the Find My app will not have the most up-to-date data.

The Find My app is still useful, but it works best if the AirPods are near your phone when they die. As a result, your Find My app will still have some semi-relevant data for you to work with. So, how do you go about finding them?

Simply put, it’s time to start speculating. Examine your mind for clues as to where you might have misplaced them. That, combined with whatever data your Find My app has available, should be enough to get you close to finding them.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but your options for finding dead AirPods truly are quite limited. Finding dead AirPods is not an easy task. It’s not an impossible one, but it’s not one with easy answers, either.

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Find AirPods When Offline
Find AirPods When Offline


I know the last thing you want to hear after losing your AirPods is “retrace your steps,” but it may be your best option. For a moment, take a deep breath and consider the last time you were certain you were using or saw your AirPods.

What is the most likely location you would have put them? Take a look there. Take a look around, under, and beside you. Check to see if anything has fallen into a crack or corner.

If you don’t see your AirPods, take a seat and reconsider. Relive the exact moments and sequences you captured the last time you had them. Search once more. You should go through this process at least a few times. After working out, 9 times out of 10, my AirPods are in the pockets of my gym shorts. So double-check all pockets and dirty clothes!


Finally, if you can’t find your missing AirPods, consider purchasing a new pair! Apple released the third generation AirPods in October 2021, and they sound fantastic.

The AirPod 3rd generation can be used for up to 6 hours of simultaneous listening time and up to 30 hours when fully charged. That’s a significant upgrade over the AirPod Pros. If you’re interested, you can find the most recent price for the third generation AirPods on Amazon here.


Folks, you’re on your own here. The Find My app does not have a way to locate the AirPods case, only the pods themselves.

My best advice is to retrace your steps, hope that a kind stranger has found it and is waiting for you in the exact spot where you dropped it, and bring a cookie/coffee/gift card to express your gratitude.

If you only need to replace one of the AirPods or the case, you can find your AirPods serial number and contact Apple support for a replacement and assistance with setup. Prices will range from $59 to $99 depending on which model part you need to replace. Hey, it’s less expensive than buying a whole new set.


Tip #1: Make Sure Your “Find My” App is Set Up

Every time you misplace one of your Apple devices, Apple’s “Find My” app will come in handy. If you have the app installed and your devices connected, you’ll be able to find them quickly and easily whenever you misplace them.

Even if your AirPods die, you’ll be able to locate them in the Find My app by using their last known location. If you don’t use this app, finding your lost AirPods will be a treasure hunt with no guarantees or clues – not fun!

How To Find AirPods When Offline?
How To Find AirPods When Offline?

To use the Find My app for the first time, open it on your phone and follow these steps:

  1. Allow “Find My” to use your location.
  2. Press Continue.
  3. Tap “Devices” on the bottom menu.
  4. All of the devices connected to your Apple ID should be automatically visible.

Tip #2: Get an AirTag and Compatible Charging Case Cover for Your AirPods

If you find your AirPods and want to ensure that you never lose them again, dead or alive, purchase an Apple AirTag from Amazon.

When it comes to the Find My app, AirTags function exactly like any other device: a Bluetooth connection is established, which provides a reasonably accurate location for the AirTag. However, there are two significant differences between AirTags and the Find My Connection feature on other Apple devices:

  1. AirTags have a battery that lasts about a year
  2. AirTags use a global network of Apple devices (albeit anonymously and very securely) to provide location data no matter where your AirTag is. If it’s within Bluetooth range of any Find My-connected Apple device on earth, it can be found.
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That means that a $30 AirTag will pay for itself many times over on any device or valuable you own. They’re even being used to track down stolen motorcycles!

So, if you’ve found your AirPods and don’t want to lose them, get an AirTag and an AirPods case that can hold one from Amazon. You won’t be sorry! It will cost you around $40 and will save you a lifetime of headaches and stress.


If your AirPods are too far away to be located, or have lost their entire battery charge, you’ll likely see one of two options in the Find My app: You’ll be able to see the AirPods last known location, or you’ll get a message reading “No location found” or “Offline.”

If and when they are able to come back online, you’ll receive a notification via the Find My app.

CONCLUSION on Find AirPods When Offline

It is not simple or easy to locate AirPods with a dead battery. You’ll have to rely on your memory and the Find My app’s last known location for your AirPods to find them. You can (and will) find them if you are patient, willing to search carefully, and avoid panicking.

And, if possible, get an AirTag to keep with your AirPods. You’ll never have to guess where they are again! What methods have you used to locate misplaced AirPods? Leave your thoughts in the comments section to share with other readers!

AirPods are one of those devices that, due to their wireless nature, appear to be always-on. They are easily misplaced or stolen, so it is critical to keep them close at hand and secure.

Some ideas for keeping your AirPods safe include storing them in a box or bag when not in use, using a keychain with an attached string/clasp so it doesn’t fall off and get lost, wearing an armband so the cord doesn’t get tangled on things, and using charging stands.

How to use Find my AirPods?
How to use Find my AirPods?

FAQs About Finding Lost AirPods

Is There a Warranty on Lost AirPods?

If you lose your AirPods, the manufacturer is not required to replace them. Some companies may offer a temporary replacement while they search for your lost AirPods, but an owner is not entitled to a new pair of AirPods in general.

Why aren’t my AirPods listed on Find My?

If your AirPods are not charged, they will not be found until they are. They will not appear if they are out of range of your iOS device. You can’t play a sound to find your AirPods if you see the No Location Found message, but you might be able to get directions to the location where they were last connected.

Can you track AirPods case only?

Your AirPods will not make a sound while in the case, so if you misplace both the AirPods and the AirPods Case, you’re out of luck. There’s also no way to track the AirPods case because Find My AirPods requires a Bluetooth connection, so there’s no way to find a misplaced case.

How far can Apple’s AirPods be tracked?

“Tracing” the AirPods? If they’re lost, the distance between you and them doesn’t matter. If you mean how far they can be from the device that supplies their signal, the standard Bluetooth distance is about 40 feet (10 meters).

Can someone else connect to my AirPods while I’m using them?

While you are using your AirPods, no one can connect to them. This is due to the fact that connecting a device to an Airpod is only possible when the Airpods are inside the charging case with the lid open. As a result, if someone is using the earbuds and has them inserted into their ear, they will be unable to connect to the Airpod.

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