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Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth? You have come to the right place! We’ve got you covered andhelped you get an answer to your question.

Bluetooth is a connectivity standard that allows signals to be sent from one device to another. It allows users to connect a Bluetooth headphone for private listening or a Bluetooth speaker for improved sound quality to streaming devices.

As a result, many streaming devices will include Bluetooth connectivity. However, if you try to find a Bluetooth option in a Roku TV, you will be disappointed. So, does the Roku TV support Bluetooth?

Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth?
Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth?

So, Does Roku Support Bluetooth?

Yes, but not on the device itself. With Bluetooth Roku connectivity, devices such as Bluetooth wireless headphones or speakers will require a Roku-to-Bluetooth connector. This means that Bluetooth on Roku is accomplished through the use of your smartphone and the Roku app.


Yes, on some devices. Roku TV Wireless Speakers and Roku Smart Soundbar are the only bluetooth-enabled Roku TV devices. While other Bluetooth devices cannot be paired directly to your TV, you can use Roku’s mobile app – simply pair your Bluetooth audio device to your mobile phone, then enable “private listening” within the app.

So, technically, Roku’s stance is that, with the exception of the two Roku Bluetooth speaker products just mentioned, Roku-based TVs do not support Bluetooth.


Yes, you can connect any Bluetooth headphone to Roku using the phone app or the “private listening” feature that most Rokus have (if you don’t see it, try updating your device’s software). This includes AirPods, Bose headphones, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


The only way to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a TCL Roku TV (or any Roku device) is to use a streaming device such as an Amazon Firestick.

The TCL Roku TV and all Roku devices do not support Bluetooth keyboards, but the specific model firestick I linked earlier would allow the TV to use a Bluetooth keyboard. Unfortunately, these are the only options Roku has provided. All other Roku devices (such as the Roku 3 or Roku Ultra) are not compatible with Bluetooth keyboards.


Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect your Roku device to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This enables you to listen to music, podcasts, and other media from other rooms in your house. You’re in luck if you have a Roku TV and a Streaming Stick. They are Bluetooth-enabled, but with some limitations.

How To Enable Bluetooth On Roku TV?
How To Enable Bluetooth On Roku TV?


1. Bluetooth Connectivity on Roku TV

Traditionally, you can connect a Roku TV to any Bluetooth device if you have Roku Wireless Speakers or a Roku Soundbar.

In other words, you can only pair a Roku TV with a Bluetooth streaming device if you also have the appropriate speakers or soundbar. The Roku TV will not be able to connect to a Bluetooth device without these devices.

2. Roku Streaming Stick Bluetooth Connectivity 

The Streaming Stick comes with a remote control and an app. By downloading the Roku app to your phone, you can gain access to more advanced features. You can use voice search, private listening, Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth connection with this phone app.

You can connect your Streaming Stick to Bluetooth headphones that are paired with your phone using this app. However, there are some restrictions. Only one person can listen at a time, for example, and this applies only to new Streaming Sticks.

The biggest drawback is that the Streaming Stick will not have Bluetooth connectivity if you have an older version. So long as your Streaming Stick is new, however, you will be able to connect to Bluetooth devices.


However, there is a fantastic workaround, and it is a feature called “private listening” within the Roku app. Simply enter “Roku” into the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Roku app to your smartphone or tablet.

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When it’s finished downloading, you’ll be prompted to look for nearby Roku devices. Your Roku TV will be added to the list automatically. Proceed to connect by selecting it.

Once you’ve connected your Roku TV to the Roku app, you can use your phone as a remote! Aside from Bluetooth, I’ve found this remote to be a significant improvement over the original Roku remote. When you use your phone as a remote, you can bring up an entire keyboard to type or search for a title.

Typing with the Roku remote is excruciatingly difficult – one letter at a time. To use private listening, you must first select the bluetooth audio device with which you want to connect. Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or any other audio device can be connected.

When you’re ready, pair your audio device with your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth first. Check that your smartphone or tablet is on the same wireless network as your Roku TV; using different networks can cause problems.

Once it is successfully connected to your phone or tablet, open up the Roku app, go to Remote and then click on the icon towards the bottom that looks like a pair of headphones. This will activate private listening and your Roku TV should now be playing through your Bluetooth device.


Side note: Check the volume level of your headphones first and adjust it to the safe level before putting them on your ears.

1. With an Android or iOS device

The following are the steps to enable and use Private listening:

  1. On your smartphone or tablet, install the Roku mobile app.
  2. You can now listen to audio through your headphones after opening the Roku mobile app and plugging in your headphones.

You can disable the Private listening feature in two ways: by unplugging your headphones or by tapping the headphone icon while the headphones are still connected. You can also reactivate the feature using the icon.

Alternative Video: How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To Roku TV?

How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To Roku TV?

2. With The Included Remotes

Users can use the Private listening feature without having to download the Roku mobile app on some high-end Roku devices and many high-end models of Roku TV.

Rather, the majority of those devices’ included remotes will have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Users only need to plug their wired headphones into the jack to begin using Private listening right away.


If Private Listening is not working on your Roku device or you’re having audio syncing issues, try waiting a few seconds for the issue to correct itself. Then stop and resume what you’re listening to, turn private listening off and on, or close and open the app.


One of the more interesting aspects of private listening is that you can have up to four different people listening at the same time. However, there are a few prerequisites. The first is that you can only do this on a mobile device – tablets will not work.

You must also ensure that your Roku TV is running Roku OS 8.1 or later; to see what version of Roku you are running, go to System and then About. Most Roku TVs will automatically receive software updates. Every 24-36 hours, the TV checks for updates, and if there is a new OS, it will download it for you.

And now for the final requirement. In order to have multiple people use private listening at once, every person listening must have the Roku app and be connected to the same network.


To pair your Bluetooth headphones with a Roku device, launch the Roku app on your smartphone or tablet and pair your headphones. Go to Devices in the Roku app and select your Roku device. Then, on the Remote, tap the headphones icon to enable private listening.

Please keep in mind that private listening is only available in the Roku app for certain devices, including the Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Ultra, and Roku TV.

  1. On your smartphone or tablet, launch the Roku app. If you don’t have the app, you can download it for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. After that, connect your Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Then, in the Roku app, go to Devices. This will be visible in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  4. Then, under Remote, select your Roku device.
  5. Then, tap the headphones icon.
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When you connect your headphones to your Roku device, a headphones icon will appear in the top-right corner of your TV. Make sure your smartphone and Roku are on the same WiFi network if you can’t connect your headphones to your Roku device or if your connection is weak.

To view your Roku’s WiFi network, press the home button and navigate to Settings > Network > About. To change the WiFi network on your Roku, navigate to Settings > Network > Set Up Connection and follow the on-screen instructions.


If your remote has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can also connect your wired headphones to it. This is located on the opposite side of the volume buttons on the remote. When you insert your headphones into the jack, the audio on your TV will immediately change to private listening mode.


As mentioned, there are only a select few products that can be connected directly to your Roku TV using bluetooth.

To set up these products (Roku TV Wireless Speakers and Roku Smart Soundbar), you first need to make sure your Roku Bluetooth device, your Roku TV and your phone are on the same network.

  • After you’ve confirmed that they’re on the same WiFi network, you can connect the device to your Roku TV.
  • On your Roku remote, press the home button, then scroll down to Settings, and finally Remotes and devices.
  • Choose Pair Bluetooth device.
  • When the Bluetooth pairing screen appears on your Roku TV, switch to your smartphone to finish the setup.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone (tablet, or computer) and ensure that it is turned on.
  • Wait until your Roku device appears in your phone’s Bluetooth list before selecting it.

That’s all! You should now see the word “connected” on your Roku TV. It will indicate that you are connected to your smartphone, which is exactly what we want. Play a movie or watch live TV, and the volume on your Roku TV should come from your Roku Bluetooth device.


So, how can users improve their sound experience by connecting a wireless speaker to their Roku TV? Roku provides users with the Roku TV Wireless Speaker.

Even though the Roku TV Wireless Speaker can only be used with Roku TV at the moment, it is still a fantastic deal for a variety of reasons:

1. Popularity

Roku TVs are already popular, accounting for one-quarter of the US TV market. As a result, the Roku TV Wireless Speaker already has a sizable potential customer base.

2. It Is Good On Its Own

The Roku TV Wireless Speaker has a solid performance at its price and size, with multiple types of content sounding relatively well on it. Although it has some troubles with volume scaling, it is a still decent choice.

3. Simple Setup

This is the main and most compelling selling point of the Roku TV Wireless Speaker. Roku ensures that getting the speaker ready to use is as simple as possible. The setup is extremely simple (keep in mind that your Roku TV firmware must be the most recent version):

  1. Connect the speakers.
  2. Take out your remote and press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds. This will bring up the Pairing menu.
  3. When you select a speaker, the pairing process will begin automatically.
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The process entails identifying the speakers as left and right channels and ensuring that the remote works properly with the speakers.

How To Know If Roku TV Have Bluetooth?
How To Know If Roku TV Have Bluetooth?


Roku TV Wireless Speaker was previously only compatible with Roku TVs. However, thanks to a recent software update, it can now be used with any TV via the Roku Smart Soundbar or the Roku Streambar.

To create the surround sound effect, the Roku TV Wireless Speaker will work as a rear surround channel alongside the Roku Smart Soundbar or Roku Streambar at the front. And, just as the Roku Smart Soundbar can be used with any TV thanks to Roku player integration, the Roku TV Wireless Speaker can be used without a Roku TV.


You are not completely out of luck if you do not have the necessary tools or a Bluetooth stick to connect your Roku device to Bluetooth. You can use the mobile private listening feature of the Roku mobile app.

This essentially allows you to listen to Roku TV audio through your phone, but it does not allow you to connect the Roku device to any other Bluetooth device.

To use this feature, you must first pair your Bluetooth device with your mobile phone using the steps outlined above. Then, using the app, enable the mobile private listening feature. At that point, you should be able to play the audio from the TV through the Bluetooth device.


You can disconnect and “forget” that Bluetooth device on your TV if you no longer want your Roku TV to play through Bluetooth.

Press the home button on your Roku remote once more, then scroll down to Settings, Remotes and devices, and finally Bluetooth devices. Select Disconnect after selecting your device. You won’t be able to use your Bluetooth device after disconnecting it unless you go through the setup process again.


The benefits of connecting a Roku device to a Bluetooth item are the same whether you have a Roku TV or a Roku Streaming Stick. By connecting the devices to Bluetooth mediums, you can listen to your device while in another room.

You can, for example, listen to a podcast or music while cleaning your room or cooking dinner. This allows you to get the most out of your Roku even if you’re not in the same room as it.

CONCLUSION: Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth?

Roku TVs can only connect to a few Roku-specific products via Bluetooth. They’ve stated that Roku-powered TVs do not support Bluetooth. Having said that, there is a fantastic workaround. Within the Roku app, there is a feature called private listening.

This feature allows you to pair a Bluetooth audio device with your smartphone before connecting it to your Roku TV. This method can be used to connect Bluetooth headphones or even speakers. You can even listen wirelessly to up to four different people at the same time!

Bluetooth On Roku TV
Bluetooth On Roku TV

FAQs Roku TV Bluetooth issues

Which Roku devices have Bluetooth?

Other than the Roku TV wireless speaker, Smart Soundbar, and Roku Streambar, no other Roku streaming device supports Bluetooth. Roku, on the other hand, provides the Roku mobile app with the Private Listening feature, which allows users to perform tasks that can be done with Bluetooth.

Is it possible to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Roku TV?

To pair your Bluetooth headphones with a Roku device, launch the Roku app on your smartphone or tablet and pair your headphones. Go to Devices in the Roku app and select your Roku device. Then, on the Remote, tap the headphones icon to enable private listening.

Does Roku have Bluetooth audio?

Roku media streamers and Roku TVs, such as the Hisense R8F series and TCL 6-Series, lack Bluetooth, but they still allow you to listen to whatever you’re watching wirelessly. Roku’s solution is called Private Listening, and it is a feature that streams audio to a connected smartphone or tablet via the Roku app.

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