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Buying the right subwoofer cables can be hard.  We have tried dozens and we have come up with the 5 best Subwoofer Cable to help you make a buying choice today.  Read this Article all the way to the end.

If you’re a true sound buff, chances are you prefer to listen to your music of choice using a subwoofer. A loudspeaker designed specifically for picking up lower-frequency bass and sub-bass makes audible the sounds that a typical speaker cannot generate.

When you spend a lot of money on an expensive sound system and amplifier, it’s important to take the same amount of care with choosing your connective wires. You don’t want to cheap out on this just because it might seem like a small and insignificant part of your setup.

What Are The Best Subwoofer Cables To Buy In The Market?
What Are The Best Subwoofer Cables To Buy In The Market?

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Just as the design of the speaker determines how good your music will sound, the quality and composition of the subwoofer cable you connect to your amp also impact the quality of the audio produced.

The materials used, the wire’s flexibility, it’s housing, and its cross-section can all influence whether or not you obtain the superior sound quality that is expected from listening to music through a subwoofer system.

Below, we’ve listed several options for cables available right now, from manufacturers that we think provide a high-quality product. Our buyer’s guide will help you decide which one to go for, and the frequently asked questions section should answer any queries you may have.

How To Extend Coaxial Cable?

1. Mediabridge ULTRA Subwoofer Cable

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If you don’t have time to compare and contrast out various offerings and want to listen to some thoroughly bass-filled tunes ASAP.  Look no further than the ULTRA from Mediabridge. This wide-spectrum, low-loss coaxial cable is perfect for producing those low-frequency signals.

This subwoofer system curates a deep, precise audio quality you’ll never want to turn off. Using a split-tip center pin allows for a high-contact pressure connection, ensuring a secure signal strength.

Standard RCA connectors are gold-plated, with uniquely designed grip molding that makes for a corrosion-resistant, consistently tighter fit.

The center conductor is copper-clad and features dielectric insulation, constructed with aluminum braiding. This offers the maximum protection possible from interference from cables in close proximity.

Finished with a flexible but incredibly sturdy PVC jacket, each end of the wire is color-coded for swift installation and easy routing, and installation takes a matter of seconds. You’ll be blasting music in no time!

At twenty-five feet long, it’s suitable for use with any set-up, whether on a massive scale or for a simple home entertainment system. Rest assured that two layers of foil shielding work to protect from electromagnetic interference that can occur with longer cables.  

Purchase of this cable includes one year’s limited warranty from Mediabridge, and you’ll find an adjustable velcro strap for free in-box, allowing easy storage. Never again will you have to spend an hour untangling your cables before you’re ready to go.

2. KabelDirekt RCA Subwoofer Cable

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This premium subwoofer cable from KabelDirekt promises a superior, professional audio quality for audio and video connection.  It supports both digital and analog signal transmission. Versatile, without negatively impacting the sound quality!

Available in six sizes, you can purchase this wire in three, six, ten, twenty, and twenty-five feet lengths.  This will ensure a perfect connection and tight grip no matter the size and shape of your set-up.

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The use of a double-shielded oxygen-free copper core ensures maximum signal strength, protects against interference, and promises all of the basses you are looking for. Your wires will be protected from the electromagnetic interference resulting from the close proximity with other wires in your setup.

Coated with twenty-four karat gold, the plated connectors are protected from exposure to the atmosphere and corrosion.  It guarantees a solid signal transmission between subwoofer and amp for years to come. 

Covered by a thirty-six-month warranty, KabelDirekt promises the highest possible customer satisfaction   This allows you to enjoy the music you deserve for as long as possible, with a solution to any queries you might have.

Best Subwoofer Cables In The Market
Best Subwoofer Cables In The Market

3. BlueRigger Subwoofer Cable

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Compatible with subwoofers, stereo receivers, digital and composite video interfaces, as well as being CL3 rated for in-wall use, the Bluerigger subwoofer cable is sure to suit your needs, whatever they might be.

At only eight feet long, this cable is free of interference that can occur as a result of electromagnetic interference.  It still allows for a significant gap between your subwoofer and amplifier, if necessary.

Assuring high performance with low loss, transmitting all of the low-frequency audio signals.  You can expect it to generate high-quality subwoofer sound, delivering a full range of bass every single time.

Gold-plated RCA connectors are resistant to corrosion as well as ensure a tighter fit.  The split-tip center pin on either end creates the optimal connection pressure for the ideal transmission of the signal.

Housed by a heavy-duty but flexible PVC exterior, the 0.64-millimeter pure copper conductor features dielectric insulation and dual shielding for a tough cable that won’t break easily.

Mesh shields work to protect against the low, staticky hum encountered when electromagnetic interference occurs from wires in close range of each other. Your music will play at the highest quality every time.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty from BlueRigger.  The US-based customer support service is on hand twenty-four hours a day should you find yourself in need of assistance.

4. EMK Subwoofer Cable

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Universal compatibility is what the folks over at EMK are offering you with their three-meter subwoofer cable.  This is suitable for connections with any RCA-enabled audiovisual device and the majority of entertainment systems.

A polished metal molding and gold plated connectors are corrosion resistant and make for reliable performance.  It has minimal signal loss or interruption, aided by split-tip center pins to assure optimal conductivity and perfect connection pressure.

Materials used are of premium quality, with a copper-clad center conductor, aluminum braiding, dialectic insulation, and two layers of foil shielding.  This offers the maximum level of protection from electromagnetic interference to avoid that pesky background hum.

Promising a fifteen thousand bend lifespan that is several times the length of its competitors.   This Subwoofer Cable is flexible, durable, and has double-braided nylon that keeps your cords tangle-free and allows you to utilize them for as long as possible.

An eighteen-month warranty is provided for your reassurance, and if that wasn’t enough, a thirty-day money-back guarantee means if you’re not satisfied with your product. The money you spent will not have been wasted, even if it’s in full working order.

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5. AmazonBasics RCA Subwoofer Cable

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An offering from Amazon themselves, this subwoofer cable is of the quality and standards you would expect from such a highly-regarded corporation.  Available in packs of one or ten, in a range of lengths and configurations, there is a cable to suit every circumstance.

Capable of connecting a subwoofer to a receiver, a sound system, or any other compatible audio divide, the RCA connectors are plated in gold to resist corrosion and guarantee longevity.  The use of a split-tip center pin ensures the strongest connection pressure.

Built specifically to transmit low-frequency signals generated by subwoofers.  You can expect exceptional performance and high quality of sound with the great bass response from this coaxial cable.

A copper-clad steel center conductor is protected by dielectric insulation, aluminum shielding, and additional braided-copper shielding.  This maintains low energy loss and protection from interference from proximity to other devices. 

This cable comes ready to go right of the box, accommodating Sony and Philips Digital Interface formats, as well as digital and composite video interfaces. Simply plug each end into your respective outputs and you’ll have high-quality music in no time.

Best Subwoofer Cable Buying Guide

1. RCA or Subwoofer Cable – which do you need?

RCA cables originated as a channel to transmit signals between phonographs and amplifiers in the early days of radio. 

Nowadays, they have undergone a major transformation to be utilized for connecting AV signals between the entertainment and sound systems we use at home. TVs, DVD players, video game consoles, and amplifiers all make use of these cords. 

A lot of subwoofers on the market use RCA connectors, but some cable manufacturers have developed a standard RCA wire further with additional features. The advanced design is what separates a so-called subwoofer cable from its RCA counterpart. 

Subwoofer cables are used specifically to connect an audio amplifier with a speaker that has been designed to reproduce sound signals of a lower frequency, up to a hundred Hertz. Whether you need a pair of wires or a single RCA cable depends on the system you are using. 

Cables referred to as “subwoofers” might have more tightly woven fibers in the wire’s mesh shield, or even feature an additional second or third shield made of mesh or foil. Certain wires have gold-plated connectors, too, which improves sound conduction and protects the cable from corrosion. 

If you’re looking for a wire for a subwoofer, then you’ll want to seek out a specifically named subwoofer cable.  This helps achieve clarity and high-quality sound resolution when you’re listening to music. A thicker cable will always offer a better signal transmission. 

Best Subwoofer Cable Buying Guide
Best Subwoofer Cable Buying Guide

2. Cable Length – Does It Matter? 

A subwoofer cable that is longer than twenty feet is likely to incur electromagnetic interference.  This is particularly if it crosses over other electrical wires when connecting to your sound system. 

Such interference generates a low-level hum when your subwoofers are in use, which can be particularly annoying when you’re trying to watch a movie or listen to some music. In short; the shorter the cable, the better! 

However, if the set-up of your entertainment system, amp, or speaker calls for a long cable for whatever reason, there are ways to avoid EMI. Try and find a cable that utilizes a dual shielding method through braiding, to insulate against the interference. 

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3. Is Your Connection Shielded? 

The best subwoofer cables will incorporate one, if not several, additional layers of shielding in order to protect the delicate conductor cores at their center. These shields, usually made out of mesh or aluminum, will also work to protect your wire from interference. 

If you need a longer wire for connecting a subwoofer and an amp, ensure that the product you choose features at least one additional layer of protection.  The wire will be even better if it is braided or made from nylon, as these keep the wire durable for longer. 

4. Thickness and Flexibility 

A good subwoofer cable strikes the careful balance between thick and flexible, sturdy and pliable, solid and bendable. It should be wide enough that it won’t wear down and impact the connection’s strength or signal transmission but still move freely and with ease. 

Depending on the material your wire is made from, it will have a longer lifespan and be more receptive to bending.  This is especially true if it has a PVC coating externally or is braided in design. 

5. Pressure Points

All quality cables will make use of a split-tip center pin design in both connectors ends.  Please ensure just the right amount of pressure is created between the input and the output. This makes for a stronger quality of the signal that won’t dip in and out during transmission. 

If the ends are gold-plated, that’s even better.  It will protect your cable from corrosion through consistent use and allow you to use the wire time and again without a loss of quality in sound. 

FAQs About The Best Subwoofer Cables

What kind of cable does a subwoofer use?

The majority of subwoofers utilize what is known as an RCA cable, so named as it was developed by the Radio Corporation of America. This title identifies any standard coaxial cable featuring the recognizable RCA push-in connectors. A specifically named “subwoofer” cable refers to a wire that is used to connect an audio amplifier to a speaker.  It recreates the lower-frequency sound signals that normal speakers cannot produce. 

Is underpowering a subwoofer bad? 

The problems that can occur as a result of underpowering a subwoofer don’t actually stem from the specific act of not supplying the speaker with enough power. This just causes the sound to play weakly, and it won’t pick up as many low-frequency sounds. 

Does cable length affect sound quality?

The length of the cable you use to connect your amp and subwoofer won’t influence the sound quality on its own. However, if it’s longer than twenty feet, it’s likely to experience electromagnetic interference, which leads to the presence of a low hum.

Can you extend a subwoofer cable?

If you’re looking to extend the length of an RCA cable, it’s possible by using what’s known as a “female-to-female barrel connector.”  This allowed the use of multiple cables between the amp and the speaker. It would probably be easier just to buy a longer cable, though!

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