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Despite the fact that most internet and phone service providers provide their own modems, you are still responsible for purchasing and maintaining the device, as well as any additional service fees that may emerge. 

Purchase your own DSL modem as an ideal alternative to these modems, which will be both better and faster than the one offered by your local internet service provider.

These devices are now easily available at reasonable prices as a result of technology advancements, and you no longer need to purchase or rent DSL modems from your Internet service provider.

We’ve put up a list of some of the best DSL router combos on the market today so you can pick the one that best suits your needs!

Top 11 Best DSL Router Combo In The Market
Top 11 Best DSL Router Combo In The Market


1. Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem

  • The Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem (Best DSL modem on the market today.)
  • a stable high-speed internet connection.
  • There are Ethernet ports with a total bandwidth of four gigabits per second.
  • DSL providers from the great majority of countries are compatible.
  • A dual-band connection allows many devices to connect at the same time.

In a modem, reliability is vital, and the Motorola MD1600 is currently one of the most reliable models available.

Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem
Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem

Gigabit Ethernet ports enable high-speed connections while tethered, and they deliver speeds that are more than adequate for keeping connected while streaming or gaming when used wirelessly.

2. Netis DL4323  (Best DSL Modem for the Money.)

  • This is a great bang-for-your-buck performance.
  • 300 megabits per second
  • Smart features to help you get the most out of your internet connection
  • Most carriers are supported.

The Netis DL4323 is a good choice if you want a router that will provide you with a stable internet connection without breaking the bank.

It provides adequate connection speeds and applies clever traffic routing to prevent slowdowns even when multiple devices are connected and in use at the same time.

Netis DL4323
Netis DL4323

Although most major DSL providers are compatible with this router, you should double-check before purchase. Also, don’t anticipate top-notch performance from this modem – it is, after all, a budget modem. 

However, you should be able to stream high-definition video and play games without issue with this modem. The Motorola MD1600 is a stable modem router combo, according to user reviews, and the dual-band connection allows several devices to connect at the same time without interfering with one another. 

This is an excellent choice for people searching for a DSL modem that will provide them with both a reliable connection and fast speeds.

3. CenturyLink’s C4000LG DSL Modem (Most Dependable High-Speed DSL Modem Currently Available.)

On 160MHZ channels, up to 3 Gbps of bandwidth is available. Due to the utilization of a dual-core CPU, performance has been improved. Additional DSL connections can be established via the DSL port.

The CenturyLink C400LG DSL Modem is the best for you if you need the fastest download and upload speeds. When it comes to this modem, it’s all about the speed. It can transmit up to 3Gbps of bandwidth when fully loaded, which is more than adequate to stream 4K video and play games without lag. 

It may also be able to sustain several connections, each of which consumes a significant quantity of data at the same time. Only a few DSL service providers are compatible with this modem, so double-check before you buy. 

CenturyLink's C4000LG DSL Modem
CenturyLink’s C4000LG DSL Modem

Although it is not the most reliable connection, it is the best choice if you need a quick and reliable connection. Media enthusiasts, users who have developed their own media servers, and gamers are likely to benefit from such a modem.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 (The best Gaming Router)

  • Internet connections of up to 400 Mbps are recommended
  • Number of Ethernet Ports: 4
  • Yes, dual-band Wi-Fi is available.
  • Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum are all compatible ISPs.
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NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000
NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

The C7000 is no exception to NETGEAR’s reputation for strong routers. This futuristic-looking device combines gigabit bandwidth with handy features to provide gamers (or anybody else who requires fast internet with low latency) a competitive advantage.

The 1.6 GHz CPU aids in the delivery of a stronger signal as well as traffic prioritization for maximum speed. This is especially critical when gaming, like lag and network delays, can be very expensive. 

Furthermore, beamforming allows the wireless signal to go further and with greater dependability, so you don’t have to worry about losing your connection when it matters most.

5. NETGEAR N600 (DSL modem router combo)

  • It is feasible to get download speeds of up to 600 Mbps.
  • A stable and constant wireless connection
  • The majority of internet service providers are interoperable with each other.
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports are available with auto-sensing technology.

You may use ReadyShare USB to distribute media across several network devices. Anyone who has ever had a terrible Wi-Fi internet connection knows how crucial consistency is. The Netgear N600 definitely shines in this area.


Although it doesn’t have the quickest high-end rates, 600Mbps is more than sufficient for most tasks, including streaming and gaming. What it lacks in top-end speed, it more than compensates for with a dependable connection. 

Netgear’s simultaneous dual-band technology offers a steady connection for all network devices. The Netgear N600 has one flaw: it doesn’t function with every DSL provider, despite the fact that it does with the vast majority.

That means you should double-check with your provider before buying anything.  As long as your modem is compatible, you can expect a stable, high-speed connection regardless of whether you want to stay connected via the modem or go wireless with the wireless router.

6. NETGEAR DM200-100NAS  

  • AT&T is well-supported (excluding U-Verse)
  • The cost that is reasonable
  • Several Notable Features

One Netgear product leads to another (don’t blame me; Netgear makes good DSL modems), but the DM200-100NAS differs from the Nighthawk DSL modem in a few ways.


It’s newer and less expensive than the Nighthawk, for starters. The DM200-100NAS, on the other hand, is not as powerful as the Nighthawk.

7. TEW816 DRM TRENDnet

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Modem with an awesome features
  • The compatibility of VDSL2 and ADSL2+
  • Wireless router included within the device

The TRENDnet modem isn’t the most well-known DSL modem, but it’s one of the best.  VDSL2 and ADLS2+, as well as most major ISPs that offer these technologies, are supported by the TEW816 DRM.


However, unlike some of the more expensive modems, some of these ISPs do not certify the modem. This modem will not work with Century Link, according to TRENDnet, but it will if you set it upright.

This modem comes with a built-in AC750 wireless router, parental controls, and USB ports, all of which help you receive high-speed internet.

8. ADSL2+ Modem TP-Link TD-8616

  • It’s a bargain!
  • Protection Against Lightning

The TP-Link TD-8616 is a low-cost modem from a reputable company.

ADSL2+ Modem TP-Link TD-8616
ADSL2+ Modem TP-Link TD-8616

It supports ADSL2+ connections, has an integrated firewall, 8 PVCs, 6KV lightning protection for people who live in thunderstorm-prone areas, and, most importantly, comes with everything you need to get started right away.

9. CenturyLink Technicolor C2000T Wireless 802.11N ADSL2+ VDSL  

  • CenturyLink has been granted permission to work with us.
  • Both ADSL2+ and VDSL connections are available.
  • Combination modem/router

Are you looking for the finest DSL modem that works with CenturyLink? What about the C200T DSL modem from Technicolor? It costs more than other CenturyLink only modems, but it comes with ADSL2+ and VDSL, which aren’t available at lower pricing.

It’s simple to set up, and you should be up and running with faster internet speed, range, and reliability in 5 to 10 minutes. If you’re switching from a rented DSL modem, the speed boost will be noticeable.

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CenturyLink Technicolor C2000T Wireless 802.11N ADSL2+ VDSL
CenturyLink Technicolor C2000T Wireless 802.11N ADSL2+ VDSL

For starters, there aren’t many distinctive characteristics. There are all of the standard speed and security features, but that’s about it. All DSL modems that support only one ISP, on the other hand, will be devoid of functionality.

10. Modem ZyXEL C3000Z

  • CenturyLink Certified Modem
  • comparatively low-cost
  • Wireless router built-in

The ZyXEL C300Z modem is a certified router for CenturyLink DSL connections, which means that if you have a CenturyLink DSL connection, it will work perfectly.

Modem ZyXEL C3000Z
Modem ZyXEL C3000Z

The ZyXEL modem doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does contain everything you need, such as dual-channel and WPA2-AES security. It’s a straightforward modem that gets the job done.

11. D-DSL-520B Link’s

  • It’ll be tough to beat this price.
  • Protection from QoS and Firewall

Despite being the cheapest DSL modem on our list of the best DSL modems, the D-Link DSL-520B isn’t bad. You won’t get the whole feature set of the Nighthawk, but you’ll get a lot less. However, you do receive good build quality, peace of mind from a well-known brand name, built-in firewall protection, QoS, and a straightforward installation process.

D-DSL-520B Link's
D-DSL-520B Link’s

When it comes to routers and modems, D-Link is a household name, and this DSL modem is ideal for any home with an ADSL+ connection wishing to update their rental service


For residential and business internet access these days, there are numerous options, including satellite, cellular networks, fiber, cable, and phone lines. 

When it comes to home internet service, a digital subscriber line, sometimes known as DSL, is the most common type of connection. A DSL internet connection delivers internet service over copper wires that are installed in your phone lines. 

This connection type will necessitate the use of a DSL modem and router, albeit the speeds will be significantly faster than those experienced with dial-up internet connections in the past. DSL is capable of providing broadband speeds, depending on the operator.

What is the relevance of digital subscriber line (DSL) modems? They allow data to be sent from your internet service provider (ISP) to the devices you want to connect to the internet.

In this instance, the modem acts as a translator, allowing the connection between your computer and your Internet service provider (ISP) to continue.

Modems for digital subscriber line (DSL) connections are available as standalone units that are appropriate for wired connections. You’ll need a modem and router, or a DSL modem router combo if you wish to utilize the internet wirelessly.

A router is a device that establishes a wireless network to which you may connect your devices to gain access to the internet. With a DSL modem router combo, all of this capability may be accessed through a single device.


Every person who wants to use a DSL connection will require a DSL modem. You can connect to the internet by using your phone line as a connection between the modem and the router.

When you connect your smartphone, you can now have access to the internet. If you have a quicker internet connection, a modem will allow you to execute tasks such as streaming video material and playing online video games without a hitch.

It gives you greater flexibility by allowing you to connect to the internet wirelessly from any area in your home when used in conjunction with a DSL modem router combo, which is included with the purchase.

The ability to roam around the room while remaining connected to the internet is particularly useful when the modem is not in the same room as where you are working.

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Advantages Of DSL Router Combo
Advantages Of DSL Router Combo


It can be difficult to choose a DSL modem or modem router combo, but if you know what to look for, you’ll have a greater chance of success. To aid you in your quest, we’ve compiled a list of the top five DSL modems that are suitable for a variety of purposes.  

Our research team looked at many of the most popular, best-selling, and talked-about DSL modems on the market to come up with our top picks. The following variables were taken into account when developing these recommendations:

  • Speeds that are acceptable
  • Price and value are critical factors to consider.
  • Specific customer testimonials are included.
  • This device has a number of advantages, including cost, speed, and convenience.


There are a few things to keep in mind while searching for a modem/router combo to ensure you get the greatest experience.

1. Support for internet speed

If you have an extraordinarily fast internet connection, such as a gigabit plan, make sure your modem/router can handle it. Many modern routers and modems can manage these speeds, but older or less expensive models may lack the essential protocols.

What if your modem/router can’t keep up with your internet speed? You can use it because it will still work. However, modems and routers have a maximum speed rating, and if your plan provides more than your devices can handle, the extra bandwidth is wasted.

2. Routers vs. Modems

Simply put, the modem receives a signal from your ISP and converts it into a format that your devices can understand. After that, the router converts the signal into a network. 

You wouldn’t have home network security, network traffic control, or Wi-Fi without a router. For convenience, a modem/router combo combines the two devices into one box. It reduces space and makes purchasing and configuring equipment easier, but at the cost of flexibility and upgradeability.


A DSL modem is an excellent way to stay connected, and a DSL modem router combo adds the convenience of wireless connectivity. 

This device is ideal for students who want to complete their homework online, media enthusiasts who want to watch movies and TV programs, and gamers who want to play games without interruptions.

The Motorola MD1600 is our favorite, but there are plenty of other great options. Remember that your internet speeds are only as good as your internet service provider, so double-check your current service and consider upgrading if necessary.

What Is The Best DSL Router Combo For You?
What Is The Best DSL Router Combo For You?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do modems have an impact on internet speed?

Both yes and no. A modem cannot make your internet connection faster than what your package allows. However, if your modem’s maximum speed is lower than your internet plan’s, your connection will be slowed. Take, for example, a 250 Mbps internet subscription. Your full plan speed will be 250 Mbps if your modem supports up to 350 Mbps, but not more. If your modem only supports 150 Mbps, the maximum speed you’ll see is 150 Mbps, not 250 Mbps.

What is the difference between a modem and a router?

A modem converts the signal from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) into a format that your devices can understand. The signal is then converted to a wireless signal via a router. For convenience, a combined modem and router combine the two devices into one unit.

What is the difference between dual-band and single-band Wi-Fi?

Dual-band Wi-Fi is a technology that allows wireless routers to simultaneously broadcast a signal on two separate radio frequencies—in this case, 2.4 and 5 GHz. Only the 2.4 GHz frequency is used by single-band routers. Dual-band Wi-Fi distributes traffic across two frequencies instead of one, resulting in higher speeds.

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